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Benefits of Keyless Lockers for Luxury Spas & Gyms

Keyless Lockers for Luxury Spas & Gyms

Membership at luxury spas and gyms comes with a premium price tag, which means customers expect premium services and amenities. Every step of the customer experience should be seamless and intentional—and this extends to the locker room, too.

Whether guests are working up a sweat in a pilates class or winding down with a hot stone massage, the last thought they should have on their mind is whether or not their personal belongings are safe. 

Keyless lockers are a powerful way to enhance your customer experience, differentiate yourself from the competition, and reaffirm your reputation as a luxury spa or gym.

Benefits of Keyless Lockers

Traditional lockers are the norm in most locker rooms, but they do present some challenges and concerns for guests. 

Lost keys are one of the most common issues; it’s easy for someone to set down and forget their key next to a piece of gym equipment, or in a dark corner of the spa. When a key becomes lost, this is a headache for both the customer and the staff members who need to find or replace that lost key.

Theft is another issue that plagues many locker rooms, especially if free locks are not provided to guests. A few stolen phones, wallets and house keys is all it takes to tarnish a facility’s spotless reputation.

Yet another frequent concern is locker hogging. This occurs when a gym member permanently claims their favorite locker by keeping it locked 24/7, and taking the key home with them. This behavior can prevent guests who are actually using the gym from finding a safe place to stash their belongings.

Keyless lockers are an ideal solution for locker rooms that are used by many guests throughout the day, as they eliminate these and other concerns.

How Do Keyless Lockers Work?

Using a keyless gym or spa locker is easy. Guests simply need to select a locker, then push a button to generate a one-time use code. After placing their belongings in the locker and closing the door, they can rest easy knowing their personal items are safe and sound.

When they’re ready to head home for the day, all they need to do is enter their unique code and retrieve their belongings. At this time, the locking system will refresh and the locker will automatically become available to generate a new code for a new user.

No other guests will ever have access to another guest’s unique code, and it’s impossible for anyone to “misplace” the code like a traditional key. If someone forgets their code, the system administrator can generate a new code in order to access the locker.

Guests love keyless lockers because they don’t need to worry about bringing a lock everyday, or keeping track of a key while they’re trying to enjoy their relaxing spa day. 

Ask Us About Keyless Lockers for Your Luxury Gym or Spa

Our keyless lockers are available in a wide range of materials and finishes, including phenolic lockers, which can withstand even the most extreme conditions of moisture and humidity. Phenolic is water and corrosion resistant, and does not support bacterial growth.

Ventilation in the back of each locker allows airflow, and accessories like hooks, additional shelves and number tags are also available. These sleek, aesthetically pleasing lockers can be configured in a number of ways to suit your spa or gym’s interior design and create a seamless appearance.

Keyless lockers are a tech-forward solution for enhancing the customer experience and attracting more guest sign-ups. Contact Systems & Space today for more information about keyless lockers for your luxury spa or gym!


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