Modular Bin Storage

For the ultimate flexibility, modular bin storage is the ideal solution for many business spaces in constant flux. Find out how Systems and Space can help.

Modular Bin Storage & Modular Casework

Modular storage systems are, in their own way, mobile storage—as they are easy to reconfigure with little effort. For that reason, modular storage systems have been successful at organizing a variety of spaces, from IT departments to pharmacies, retail spaces to industrial maintenance rooms. FrameWRX® Modular Bin Storage by Spacesaver® offers for ultimate flexibility, making it ideal for the many spaces of businesses that are in constant flux.

In addition to modular bin storage, we are also proud to offer modular casework storage for an alternative to traditional millwork for workroom interiors—allowing the creation of an aesthetically pleasing environment that can be reconfigured as needs or spaces change.

Take a look at our modular bin storage and additional options below.

FrameWRX Modular Bin Storage Systems

FrameWRX® Modular Bin Storage

The FrameWRX® Modular Bin Storage System is comprised of a basic frame, a unique rail system, and a host of components such as bins and shelves that hang on a horizontal rail. Bin shelving was designed to maximize the number of standard-sized plastic bins that can hang on a rail. Rails can be adjusted by hand and onsite to accommodate horizontal or sloped storage.

  • Choice of end-panels and canopy top options
  • Available with optional static and retractable work surfaces
  • Shelf options: 2-position adjustable, pass-through, or sloped low-back shelves
  • Slat-wall accessories for hanging items
  • Bin options include plastic hanging bins or wire baskets

FrameWRX® is also available in a high-density option or as a supply cart.

FrameWRX® HD

When space is limited and supplies are plenty, FrameWRX® is also available in a high-density option. FrameWRX® HD compresses two rows of storage into one deeper space, ultimately saving an aisle. Additionally, FrameWRX® HD allows better visibility and easier accessibility than traditional high-density storage products.

  • Easy access, smooth rolling
  • Built-in smooth stopping
  • Variety of depth and width combinations to accommodate bulky items
FrameWRX Modular Bin Storage System

FrameWRX® Brochure

Wire Baskets Info Sheet

Plastic Bin & Tote Catalog

FrameWRX® at Work

Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital

After providing storage for Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital’s operating rooms, Systems & Space was asked to supplement their existing supply storage throughout the hospital’s storage areas. After meeting with the hospital and its personnel to determine needs, we created an integrated hospital storage solution consisting of cantilever shelving with FrameWRX® modular shelving with EZ Rail® element. There was no wall backing to any of these storage areas, so the FrameWRX® solutions turned out to be a huge advantage from an architecture perspective—and the improved organization led to a glowing review at the hospital’s next inspection.

FrameWRX Modular Bin Storage System in Hospital Supply Room
EZRail System for Modular Bin Storage

EZ Rail® Element Modular Storage

A simple one-piece element that was engineered to hold industry-standard plastic bins, pegboard, slat rail, and slat wall accessories, EZ Rail® is a perfect way to add flexibility to existing or new storage installations. It can easily operate in:

EZ Rail® Element Brochure


All of the flexibility and adjustability in our FrameWRX® systems is available in a transportable hospital cart—WRXWheels®. Traditional carts have very limited availability in terms of size and dimension, but with options such as work surfaces and vertical handles paired with the features of the FrameWRX® system above, WRXWheels® was created to adapt to constantly changing supply needs.

FrameWRX® Storage System Brochure

Modular Bin Storage on WRXWheels Hospital Carts

Modular Casework

Modular casework is the intelligent alternative to traditional millwork for workroom interiors. When needs or space change— reconfiguring, relocating your modular casework is simple. It saves time and money with a system that costs less and is easy to install.

Modular casework can be used in virtually any workroom interior, including:

Laboratory Casework

Whether a lab is for medical, instruction, or research use, modular casework is flexible enough to conform to the requirements that its function demands. A well-planned lab provides harmony between people, equipment, and workspace, all the while accounting for logistics such as utility management and storage access. Modular casework assists to getting your lab where it should be with a visually pleasing component.

Benefits of using Modular Casework

  • GREEN product
  • 120 standard sizes
  • Fast shipment and install
  • Personal property asset
  • LEED® compliant
  • Lifetime warranty


Mail centers constantly change to stay abreast of business communication, processing and distribution needs. MultiSort modular casework has a unique structural frame system allows the support of this ever-changing, transaction-intensive environment. It optimizes mail and distribution efficiency. Easy adjust trays, shelves, doors, drawers, and dividers are interchangeable to quickly adapt to fluctuating volumes and processing priorities, ensuring efficiency of critical daily distribution.

Benefits of using multiSort modular casework

  • GREEN Product
  • Easy adjust slots
  • Magnified indexes
  • Color components
  • Clear shelves, trays, and backs improve visibility
  • Easy reconfiguration

Modular Casework at Work

Yosemite Pathology Group

Working directly with the Lab Director and the Division Supervisors, Systems & Space created a way to balance the Yosemite Pathology Group’s top priorities—functionality and space. Using a combination of modular casework, high-density mobile storage, and static shelving, we were able to create what they needed—and within their budget.

Modular Casework Solution

Modular bin shelving can store numerous items in a variety of ways. See the different options available in order to make your space work best.