Evidence Lockers

Protecting evidence chain of custody is a #1 priority for all law enforcement agencies. Our evidence lockers have a proven track record—take a look to learn more.

When a department’s chain of custody remains unbroken, good things happen—criminals are rightfully convicted, and a community believes in the work of their police

Maintaining a well-documented chain of custody at all times is a #1 priority for all law enforcement agencies. Being able to track evidence from the moment it’s “bagged and tagged” to the moment it needs to be retrieved or destroyed is crucial.

We work with Spacesaver to offer the most secure evidence lockers on the market, allowing officers the ability to deposit any type of evidence day or night in a secure environment. Take a look at how these temporary evidence solutions can assist your law enforcement agency.

Pass-Thru Secure Evidence Lockers

Pass-Thru (PT)

These lockers are built into the wall between the evidence processing and long-term evidence storage areas, allowing evidence to be deposited from one side and retrieved from another.


Full-sized rear door allows evidence technician to efficiently remove items and reset locker openings for use


Optional front lockout system available to lock the front doors when the rear doors are open, preventing unauthorized access to the property and evidence room

Non-Pass-Thru (NPT)

With a non-pass-through system, evidence is both deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing doors.

  • Items can only be removed by authorized personnel
  • Lockers easily mount against a wall
  • Have the option to be converted into a pass-thru configuration at a later date
Refrigerated Evidence Locker

Refrigerated Evidence Lockers

Refrigerated evidence lockers are specifically engineered to maintain a constant temperature of 38-42 degrees Fahrenheit for preserved biological evidence storage.

  • Available in various sizes, can accompany lockers with both PT and NPT functionality.
  • Equipped with built-in digital alarms to warn of fluctuations in temperature
Secure Evidence Locker with Electric Locking System

Locking Systems & Options

Both PT and NPT evidence lockers are equipped with Spacesaver’s Keyless Locking System. As the name indicated, this no-keys-required evidence deposit system allows you secure locking with a push of the button, and offers multi-point locking systems on all doors for increased security.

For departments in need of higher security of evidence storage through computer tracking and monitoring, we offer ControLoc, an add-on feature. ControLoc allows:

  • On-demand activity report generation
  • Automatic door locking when not being accessed
  • Remote monitoring of multiple locations from a central location
  • Windows-based software and on-site setup-training
  • Choice of card access or numeric control pad options

Evidence Lockers Info Sheet

ControLoc® Info Sheet

CSI Spec: Evidence Lockers

BIM Objects: Evidence Lockers

Evidence Lockers in Use

Twin Cities Police Department

Marin County’s Twin Cities Police Department wanted to take additional steps to make sure they were adhering to best practices when it came to proper evidence storage. After taking a look at their short-term evidence storage and accessing future needs, we created a pass-thru evidence locker system with a variety of locker sizes to support bulky and small items alike. The system also featured a built-in refrigerated evidence unit to make sure biological evidence was protected until it could be sent to a nearby crime lab.

In addition to short-term storage, we have created and designed a number of long-term evidence storage solution for law enforcement agencies. High-density mobile systems, like ActivRAC racking , and our XTend High-Bay Storage Systems, offer compact long-term storage.

Secure Evidence Lockers System

Learn more about evidence lockers and how they can protect your chain of custody.