Healthcare Storage

Having the right healthcare storage allows medical professionals more time to care for patients. Learn more about central storage for sterile supplies and more.

With busy shifts, nurse shortages, and an increase in patients, today’s healthcare practitioners do not have time to waste.

So why make them sift through products in stockrooms or walk all the way to a centralized nurse station to get needed supplies instead of caring for people?

Storage should assist in the goal of patient-centered care, not deter from it.

Creating organized supply storage in a central location, decentralized patient care, and sterile storage to reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAI’s)—something as simple as rethinking storage can get you back to the work that’s really important—spending time with patients.

Along with our Spacesaver partners, we’ve designed healthcare storage solutions for facilities across the country. Take a look at some of the stories below.

Stainless Steel Racking

Compacting Sterile Supply Storage

Keeping hospitals and clinics as sterile as possible has become a top priority—and that need has trickled down to sterile storage. For a Virginia hospital, a sterile supply storage solution was needed to store vaccines in their laboratory and maximize the lab’s existing footprint. An ActivRAC mobile racking system in stainless steel assisted the hospital in creating compact vaccine storage that wouldn’t rust or corrode.

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Modular Bin Shelving

Bringing Order to Supply Spaces

The average nurse walks 3.4 miles during a daytime shift, with 51% of that walk related to hunting, gathering, and calling for supplies; evening shift nurses clock in at 2.2 miles and 79%. All those supply miles don’t leave much time to focus on patient care—and having small storage rooms throughout a healthcare facility can mitigate this issue. Using a FrameWRX modular bin shelving system can offer accessibility and visibility to supplies, especially when used with a color-coded supply system.

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Nurse Stations

Point of Need at the Point of Care

Seeing that medical centers were quickly trending toward decentralized supply stations, Wisconsin’s Appleton Medical Center decided to break with tradition and eliminate clean utility storage rooms. Spacesaver’s CoreSTOR nurse server was able to assist with this mission by putting needed supplies near a patient’s bedside for a more efficient, higher level of care. By being able to stock supplies on the outside of a patient’s room and access supplies from the inside, the innovative solution lowered the cost of care in unit by 21%, reduced the length of patient stays by 17%, and minimized the opportunity for hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s).

To learn more about our wide range of healthcare storage solutions, including solutions for sterile, pharmacy, and operating room storage, download our Healthcare Overview Brochure.