Pharmacy Casework

Pharmacy Casework

Systems & Space understands that a functional pharmacy design requires detailed planning. We begin by establishing a preliminary design that comes from a clear understanding of your workplace needs. We can work with your direct input or in concert with architects or other consultants to help you think through and map out a plan with optimal workflow efficiency.

Once a preliminary direction is agreed upon, CAD department can transform ideas into practical design. At this point we will determine which of hundreds of standard modules best fits your plans and identify where a special need requires custom design.

We plan for the quality, integrity and appropriateness of each individual component and, ultimately, the completed project… quality assurance to which our growing list of satisfied customers attest.

Systems & Space can help you with compliance of USP-797 regulations.

Here are some other benefits of using modular pharmacy casework:


  • Freestanding Design
  • Effective Space Utilization
  • Increase Capacity
  • Quality Hardware
  • Interchangeable Modules and Components
  • Custom Options
  • Adjustable Shelving and Drawer Dividers
  • Pre-Approval by OSHPD of CA Seismic Requirements