Industrial Warehouse Racking

Utilizing mobile industrial warehouse racking will maximize your space to its full capacity. We can help you design storage that works for you.

On the outside, warehouses seem to be immense spaces—full of places to store parts, SKUs, materials, and inventory.

Inside, there’s never enough room, which is directly proportional to ramping up production, offering new product lines, and making room for other important business developments.

Our industrial warehouse racking solutions make it possible to increase SKU’s or pallet positions without the need for facility expansion.

The ActivRAC® Mobile Racking System by Spacesaver eliminates empty aisles in your warehouse by mounting your existing pallet racking or shelving on mobile carriages that move back and forth on rails anchored to the floor.

Working with our Spacesaver partners, we’ve engineered industrial warehouse racking systems for several warehouses in the Northern California area and beyond. Take a look at our solutions below.

Creating Centralized MRO Storage

Having tools, parts, and repair items in a central storage area is critical to manufacturing companies. Storing parts for maintenance throughout different departments wasn’t ideal for Aveva Drug Delivery Systems in Miramar, Florida. By placing five rows of ActivRAC® Mobile Shelving carriages, Aveva was able to create a centralized location for parts storage and make more than 10,000 part numbers visible. Duplicate parts purchases have been eliminated, and the system is organized and controlled by a single person.

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“We had over 10,000 part numbers we needed visibility on. With ActivRAC®, we are able to find a place for everything critical to the operation and quickly service the needs of each department.”

–Stephen Zakovsky, Inventory Specialist, Aveva DDS

Avoiding Costly Plant Expansion

At the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Plant in San Antonio, Texas, space for storing production machinery was scarce. They needed to find a way to make 5,000 square feet of storage do more than what it was currently doing—or expand their plant shortly after opening it. By utilizing mobile industrial warehouse racking, the plant was able to gain 54% more capacity in the same footprint and allow for future growth, all the while accessing items and delivering finished products faster.

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Dealing with Doubling SKU’s

A large beer distributor located in the Midwest United States had expanded to include a cold storage room of 4,500 square feet to accommodate the rise in craft brews and ciders in their distribution—but was dealing with having to rearrange their crowded storage on a daily basis. A Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving System was able to increase the storage capacity in their cold storage room by almost 100%, increasing the storage capacity to 7,000 kegs.

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Warehouse environments need storage that works, literally. Take a look at how ActivRAC® mobilized storage systems can increase space and increase revenue by downloading our brochure.