Wheelhouse Low-Profile Mobile Storage System (Compact)

If your business is expanding and space is running out, a Wheelhouse mobile storage system is just what you need. An easily transferable and compact solution, check out how we can help.

In an ideal world, when your business grows, your space does, too.

The problem? It never happens that way. Often, the transformation to a new, larger facility can take several years, or decades—and in the meantime, you’re feeling the pinch of added inventory to store and no place to put it. We can help. Spacesaver’s low-profile mobile storage system, Wheelhouse, is a cost-effective storage option that is easy to reconfigure, expand, and relocate—making it an effective storage solution as your business grows.

XpressDEK Rail System

Wheelhouse can be paired with an XpressDEK rail system – a modular floor system that provides the same level of strength and flexibility as a traditional anchored rail system. When placed over an existing floor, it creates a non-intrusive installation—making it possible to relocate to another area or an off-site location when needed.

Low-Profile Mobile Storage in Use

California Water Resources Board

When a portion of the Water Resources Board for the State of California was moving to a new facility in Sacramento, they needed to move an existing compact mobile storage system that would need to be seismically engineered for the new location and add an existing system. Working a tight space, a new low-profile high- density mobile system was installed to create a budget-friendly solution that was able to grow with the storage needs of the new facility.

Compact Shelving on Low-Profile Mobile Storage System

Modes of Operation

Our low-profile option comes in three modes of operation:



Activated by the push of a button, powered high-density mobile shelving can be equipped with different controls (Standard push-button, infrared capable, secure touchpad aisle access control, or a LCD touchscreen control) depending on the security and access needs of your business, as well as several safety options.


For this option, mobile shelves are moved by turning an ergonomically designed, three-spoke rotating handle. With only one pound of effort, users are able to move carriage weights of 4,000 to 10,000 lbs. Similar to the powered mobile systems, mechanical-assist systems are available with a variety of safety options.


A cost-effective alternative to the mechanical-assist control; systems are moved by pulling a straight handle to move shelves from side to side—ideal for systems with lighter loads.

XpressDEK® Rail System Info Sheet

Wheelhouse® Info Sheet

Wheelhouse® Brochure

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