Additional Space.
Unlimited Potential.

Systems & Space has worked with companies in Northern California for over 25 years, transforming companies in an unexpected way—by creating smarter high density storage solutions and systems, and helping companies uncover the space needed to grow their businesses.

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Additional space creates additional possibilities.

High Density storage shelving San Ramone

We design innovative high density storage solutions and systems with mobilized shelving units, lockers, shelving and more.

Locker storage, mobilized shelving units, modular storage—it all combines to create an integrated storage solution. Take a look at some of our successes below.

From innovative offices and technology spaces of San Jose and the Silicon Valley and the universities of the San Francisco Bay Area to the many manufacturing hubs all across our region, Northern California has always been at the forefront when it comes to new ways of doing business— and we want to keep it that way.
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Library compact shelving

It’s not about space. It’s what space lets you do. It’s time to look at storage a whole new way.

Heavy duty mobile shelving of torpedoes at Naval Undersea Museum

Our Approach

With nearly thirty years of designing storage solutions for hundreds of industries and organizations, we consider ourselves “storage experts.” Here’s how we’re able to deliver a solution based on your needs.


Meet & Listen

A storage solution is only helpful when you design it with users in mind. We take the time to listen to management teams and personnel to gain a concrete understanding of the challenges, goals, and priorities of your business.

Develop Solutions

Our planners are experts in a variety of industries and markets. They create an integrated plan for your existing space that takes your equipment and floor space requirements into consideration. If it isn’t quite right the first time, we’ll keep working until we have a space that works for you.

Present & Review

One of our favorite parts of the process—reviewing the solutions we’ve put together with your entire team, and walking you through every step of the order process, including critical timelines and project management schedules.


In accordance with the timeline we set with you, we install the storage solutions in the way that works best for you and your department. We strive to eliminate downtime by working when your schedule allows.

Train & Maintain

Once a project is completed, we don’t stop there. Whether it’s training staff on the proper use of a storage system or maintenance when a product isn’t working to its full potential, we’re never strangers.

Interested in seeing what additional space could mean to your business?

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