High-Density Mobile Shelving Solutions

Our high-density mobile shelving units are engineered with all organizations in mind— a more organized and compact storage space while making room for other things.

What is mobile shelving?

Not everyone can wrap his or her head around the concept of mobile shelving, but we make it simple. With stationary shelving units there is always floor space that is occupied by an aisle in between each shelf, but with high-density mobile shelving there is only one aisle of floor space that is occupied at any time. Changing over to mobile shelving saves you close to half the space originally occupied.

With mobile shelving, you can make more space for all of the things you need, without investing in a new building.

Systems and Space is here to show you how it’s possible. Innovative mobile shelving has unlimited possibilities of what it can do with space.

Modes of Operation

Our mobile shelving units have three options on how to open and close the aisles of your high-density system.



Activated by the push of a button, with easy access to enter the aisles as the shelves begin to move.


Mobile shelves are moved by turning an ergonomically designed three spoke rotating handle.


A cost-effective alternative to mechanical assist control, just pull the straight handle to move your shelves.

Product Types

High-Density Mobile Shelving System

Standard Mobile Shelving

Our most widely used high-density option, available in a variety of controls and safety options.

Heavy-Duty Shelving on High-Density Mobile Storage System

Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving

Heavy duty mobile shelving can hold loads from 7,000-30,000 pounds per carriage making it the most prominent storage unit for large and bulky items.

High-Density Mobile Shelving for Football Equipment Room Storage

Low-Profile Mobile Shelving

The most transferable mobile system out there and makes change in your business that much easier.

ActivRAC® Comparisons

High-density mobile system brochure

Wheelhouse® Low-Profile Brochure

High-Density Mobile Shelving units come in three different product types. Check out our low profile, standard, or heavy-duty options now.