Firearms Storage Solutions

When it comes to firearm storage, it needs to be secure, quick to access, and easily deployable. Learn how our weapons storage systems make all of these possible.

Military and Public Safety departments are constantly evolving—and with that, so are their storage needs.

We partner with Spacesaver to create firearm storage that is secure, yet easily accessible for retrieval and identification of all weapons used by a department or base.

Our firearm storage solutions are used by several military bases and police departments in the Northern California area. In addition, our weapons storage has also been used by military and law enforcement museums.

Take a look at our firearm storage solutions: Universal Weapons RackWeapons Racks II & III, and WeaponsWRX®.

Universal Weapons storage rack

Universal Weapons Rack Storage System

Versatile and flexible, the Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR®) storage system keeps operational readiness in mind. The firearm storage rack resists movement from vibration, shock and abrasion.

The UWR is also available in a smaller assembly—the UWRmini®. Just as flexible and versatile as the full-size UWR with the same depth and smaller heights, the decreased size makes it physical transport easier than the regular system.

UWR Features:

  • Completely prevents firearms from movement
  • Can be tilted 90 degrees any way without firearms becoming dislodged
  • Accommodate weapons of various lengths and types
  • Perforated doors and sides simplify inventory assessments

Universal Weapons Racks at Work

Camp Parks in Dublin, California

The Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area is a United States Army facility currently being used as a semi-active mobilization and training center for Army Reserve personnel. Looking for a way to securely store military training weapons, we met with personnel and suggested several Universal Weapons Rack 12-weapon M4 systems, complete with M4 deep brackets with modified barrel supports to prevent weapons from falling away from the support.

M16 weapons storage in universal weapons rack

Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System

When a military unit is deploying or training, it’s important to ensure weapons remain in the same condition they arrive as when they were shipped. Spacesaver’s Universal Expeditionary™ Weapons Storage System (UWESS) is capable of storing small arms as well as crew serve weapons with all necessary repair parts and associated collateral gear. In short, it’s an all-encompassing storage system that fits the needs of your base.

Mobilized arms room with modular weapons storage in Tricon


  • Versatile six-section “plug and play” capability to fit your needs, including (but not limited to) storage of M4s, M16s, M240s, M249s, M870s, M25, MK 19s, and associated collateral gear for multiple Expeditionary and Special Warfare TOA platforms
  • Durable construction, including corrugated steel sides, roof, and swing doors on one side, as well as a heavy-duty steel floor and forklift pockets
  • Adjustable shelving brackets, manifest boxes, and vents for ultimate configurability
  • Tie-down steel lashing rings and front/door corner post tie downs to load additional items and maximize every inch of the container space
  • Exterior paint choices of military stand green or standard tan; interior color tan

UEWSS Weapons Storage System Info Sheet & UWR Catalog

Firearms Storage on Weapons Rack Systems

Weapon Rack II

Weapon Rack II is a stand-alone two-piece design, consisting of a welded frame and butt holder with a separate, adjustable rubber-coated barrel rest and base plates. It is structurally sound enough to store firearms that are 20 pounds or more.

Weapons Rack II can be secured inside 4-post and Case Type Shelving or it can stand-alone.


  • Adjustable barrel rest
  • Depth supports weapons with scopes or pistol grips
  • Easy accessibility
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rubber-coated barrel rest and base plates

Weapons Rack III

Weapons Rack III, for long guns and pistols transforms existing 4-Post Shelving into an instant firearms storage solution. It can also be configured for two levels of gun storage. In addition to traditional Military and Police Department applications, this weapons rack has also been utilized in museums for the storage of war weapons.


  • Barrel rest adjusts up and down in key hole slots to accommodate a variety of weapon lengths
  • 10” Depth will support weapons with scopes or pistol grips
  • Can be configured for two levels of long gun storage
Firearms Storage Shelving for Evidence Storage


A modular weapon shelving system is designed to securely store and transport weapons of a variety of sizes, WeaponWRX® is designed with military demands in mind. The rugged, modular steel frame can be configured to fit your storage space and outfitted with any combination of firearm storage to fit your unique needs.


WeaponWRX® Info Sheet

Firearms Storage on WeaponsWRX Cart

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