Storage Solutions

We offer a variety of space saving storage solutions, including Spacesaver products, to clients throughout the greater San Francisco area and Northern California. See how we can help save space, save time, and improve efficiency.


Pass-Thru Secure Evidence Lockers

Evidence Lockers

Evidence lockers maintain chain-of-custody for law enforcement, court houses, and law firms.

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FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers

Personal Lockers

Our configurable personal and tactical lockers are a protected place for weapons, clothing, and gear.

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High-Density Shelving

High-Density Shelving

Eliminating idle aisle space can reduce storage footprint by as much as half

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Sliding Lateral Shelving System

Maximize shelving capacity by placing 2 or 3 rows of shelving in the same footprint as one.

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Powered High-Bay shelving

Compact Archive Storage

Compact archive storage, including high-bay shelving, is an efficient way for libraries and other institutions to properly store and maintain materials. Books, journals, and other materials are accessible and organized, while space is freed up on campus and other library facilities.

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Compact Museum Storage

Museum compactors are an indispensable way to manage a museum collection, minimizing storage footprint while offering superior protection and organization.

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Universal Weapons storage rack

Firearms Storage

Spacesaver’s military-grade weapons storage is engineered and manufactured in the USA and built to the highest standards.

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FrameWRX Modular Bin Storage Systems

Modular Bin Storage

Bins and shelves reconfigure with ease, maximizing the number of plastic bins hanging on rails.

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Modular Casework Hamilton Sorter

Modular Casework

Good-looking and highly functional interior casework customized around your needs.

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U Shaped Configuration

Mailroom Furniture

We design industrial-grade mail centers with the flexibility to keep up with your changing needs.

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Modular Casework for Labs

Laboratory Casework

Trading out custom millwork cost for workstation flexibility, Systems & Space designs flexible, purpose-built labs.

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Jackson South Community Hospital Parmacy

Pharmacy Casework

We can consult directly with you or your architect to create customized pharmacy spaces.

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Procedure Room

Modular Medical Casework

We help medical facilities improve patient care by providing excellence in nurses’ stations, lab areas, procedure rooms, exam rooms, patient rooms, dental offices, break areas, and reception areas.

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