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In the fast-paced, demanding healthcare industry, efficient and organized storage is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Healthcare professionals need quick and reliable access to a wide array of supplies, like life-saving medications and essential equipment, to provide timely and effective care. However, the challenge of limited space in many healthcare facilities adds a layer of complexity to this need.

Finding the right healthcare storage solutions is, therefore, critical to ensure space is used optimally while keeping supplies accessible and well-organized.

Here, we explore five healthcare storage solutions that can revolutionize how healthcare facilities manage their space.

1. Modular Bins

Modular bins are a game-changer in healthcare storage solutions, offering high-density options that effectively double storage capacity by compressing two rows of storage into one, eliminating the need for aisles.

At Systems & Space, we offer the FrameWRX® Modular Bin Storage System, which features a basic frame, a unique rail system and various components like bins and shelves. This system is designed for maximum efficiency, allowing standard-sized plastic bins to hang on a rail, which can be easily adjusted by hand to accommodate different storage styles, including horizontal or sloped. It’s available with optional static and retractable work surfaces, and bin options include plastic hanging bins or wire baskets. FrameWRX® also comes in a high-density option or as a supply cart, making it a versatile choice for healthcare storage.

2. Modular Casework

Modular casework provides flexible storage solutions perfect for pharmacies, procedure rooms, labs, nurses’ stations, exam rooms, patient rooms, waiting areas and more. These systems are designed to meet your organization’s unique needs, offering adaptability and efficiency in a range of healthcare environments.

3. Sliding Shelves

Sliding shelves, such as the Spacesaver Bi-File (two-row) and Tri-File (three-row) lateral storage systems offered by Systems & Space, are excellent for making the most out of limited floor space. By turning two or three rows of shelving into nearly the same footprint, they maximize storage capacity in an affordable and effective way.

4. High-Density Mobile Storage

High-density mobile storage systems are an ideal solution for healthcare facilities looking to eliminate wasted aisle space. These systems have compact storage areas, providing more room for essential equipment and supplies in a neat, organized manner.

5. Lockers for Personal Storage

For staff locker rooms and visitor day use, lockers provide secure and convenient personal storage options. These lockers are essential in maintaining personal item security while also contributing to an organized and efficient environment.

The right healthcare storage solutions, like those offered by Systems & Space, can significantly impact the efficiency and organization of healthcare facilities. From modular bins to flexible casework and space-saving shelving options, these solutions cater to the diverse needs of the healthcare industry. For more information, contact Systems & Space today.


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