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Museum Archive Storage – 4 Space Saving Solutions

As a museum curator, your top priority is preserving the integrity of the fine art, pottery, statues, jewelry, books, maps, manuscripts or other artifacts in your care. One challenge that many museums face is dedicating proper storage to existing collections, while allowing space for future acquisitions.

We know that no two collections are alike, which is why we offer a range of custom museum storage systems. Over the years, we have designed countless storage solutions to match the needs of a variety of museum collections.

Below are four of our top-recommended archive storage solutions for museums:

1. Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving

Heavy-duty mobile shelving can handle loads from 7,000-30,000 pounds—more than enough to accommodate even the most extensive museum archives. From heavy, bulky items like statues and sculptures to sizable collections of vases, paintings and ancient artifacts, this shelving system will keep your archives safe and secure.

By eliminating wasted aisle space, your museum can store even more items in the same amount of space. Turning the three-spoke handle or pushing the button on the end of the units will allow you to slide the shelves apart and easily access the aisle space.

The mobile carriages ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration to minimize vibration, while non-contact sensors automatically control the distance between aisles to protect stored materials. The shelving and end-panels can also be perforated for maximum airflow.

2. Compact Mobile Art Racks

Does your museum archive include two-dimensional artwork such as paintings, photographs, maps or other framed items? Spacesaver’s compact mobile art racks were designed specifically to increase storage capacity and visibility of framed artworks.

Each rack can hold two times the amount of artwork as traditional storage, and can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on carriages on the floor. Both systems are outfitted with safety features to keep the artwork steady, secure and protected.

3. Museum Storage Cabinets

Museum storage cabinets are a versatile solution that can improve storage security for many types of collections, such as jewelry, pottery, books and other artifacts. All cabinet materials are solvent free, non-reactive and suitable for museum use.

These environmentally-controlled museum storage cabinets keep humidity levels and temperatures stable, and are airtight to protect against external contaminants. If space is an issue, the cabinets can be mounted onto a high-density mobile storage system.

4. Offsite Archival Storage

There may come a time when your museum collection simply grows too large for your archival storage area. In this case, the only solution is an offsite storage facility…but with the right compact archival storage system in place, a small facility will be plenty.

X-Tend High-Bay Shelving was designed specifically to provide an off-site shelving solution for compact archive storage areas. This system maximizes your offsite storage space by extending up to 35 feet high to make the most of the vertical space in your facility.

Books, manuscripts, pottery and other priceless artifacts will stay safely packed away, but are easily accessible at the push of a button. HVAC and fire suppression systems can be integrated with the system for maximum protection.

Is your museum in need of an organized, compact storage solution? We have helped some of the most highly regarded museums in California improve their storage systems and maximize their available archive space. Contact us today!


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