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Day Use Lockers for Open Office Environments

In an effort to attract and retain top talent, a growing number of organizations are embracing open office floor plans and flexible workplace environments. “Hot desking” (also known as “hoteling”) is one of the fastest-growing alternative workplace trends. 

In this flexible approach to office design, employees are not assigned to traditional offices or cubicles. Instead, they are free to select the workstation that meets their needs on a day-to-day or hour-by-hour basis.

For example, employees may choose to work from any available desk space and book meeting rooms as needed. Hot desking is thought to encourage collaboration and openness among team members, as well as contribute to employee satisfaction.

One of the biggest challenges associated with activity-based workplaces is providing sufficient storage space for employees. Because there are no private offices or cubicles, employees need access to secure storage for their personal belongings, supplies and equipment.

Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers are an ideal solution for any open office environment.

Considering a hot desking setup for your office but concerned about personal storage for employees? Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers are a stylish, simple, customizable solution.

These lockers can be seamlessly integrated with your existing office design, and are available in a number of stylish powder-coated steel or high-pressure laminate finishes. Layout options include locker walls, free-standing locker partitions, counter-height locker islands, and more.

Choose from electronic or combination locks, either of which will make it quick and easy for employees to access their belongings when they need them. The office services manager can be provided with a master key to combat accidental lockouts.

We offer a wide selection of heights, widths and depths depending on your available space and needs, as well as customizable accessories like hooks, additional shelves and number tags.

A modern, well-functioning workplace is crucial to recruiting and retaining top employees. Optimize your alternative office environment with Spacesaver Day Use Lockers—contact Systems & Space today to learn more!


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