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Cold Room Shelving and Storage for Northern California Labs



Cold storage is expensive. We can help optimize every cubic foot of space in your lab’s walk-in cold rooms with ActivRAC Mobilized Storage. With this solution, new or existing stationary shelves are mounted on a carriage-and-rail system that has been custom designed to fit your cold room. This effectively compresses the stored materials into a much smaller footprint, while still providing 100 percent access whenever needed.

Optimized cold room storage enables labs in Northern California to increase the amount of shelving and store more test kits, vaccines, and other sensitive biological materials in the existing storage space. The end result? Increase lab capacity and better serve patients who are anxiously awaiting important test results.

Key Features & Benefits

Maximize Storage Volume

Eliminate wasted space by filling empty aisleways with more shelving. ActivRAC moves on a carriage-and-rail system, enabling you to gain capacity in your existing laboratory cold room. Reduce clutter and free up space to store more test kits and vaccines.

Cost & Energy Efficiency

A full cold room is an efficient cold room. Maximize your storage density to improve the efficiency of your energy consumption. Consolidating multiple cold storage rooms into one can help save staff time and reduce utility bills.

Hygienic Solution

Stainless steel is the first choice for strict hygiene conditions in hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and other clean facilities. ActivRAC holds up in constant near-freezing temperatures without rusting, and includes antimicrobial coating options.

Boost Staff Morale

Our systems simplify inventory control and make it easier for healthcare workers to quickly store, locate, and retrieve samples. A tidy, organized cold room helps boost staff morale by reducing stress and enabling them to focus on what matters most: serving patients.

Make the Most of Cold Storage

Demand for medical tests and vaccines is higher than ever before. Timely sample retrievals are important for maintaining a high quality of patient care and responding to urgent healthcare needs.

A well-designed, high-quality refrigerated storage system saves time, money, and space, while ensuring excellent customer service.

How It Works

Traditional stationary shelving wastes space in every aisle, which leads to wasted resources. The ActivRAC Mobilized Storage System mounts shelving or racking on carriages that slide along rails installed on the floor. Rather than having multiple static aisleways, this reduces the number of open aisleways to just one at any given time.

Store more vaccines, test samples, and other sensitive supplies in the same amount of space. Freeing up floor space and improving organization in your cold room storage room also enhances safety, visibility, and accessibility for employees.

  • Welded horizontal bracing ensures stability

Faster Results, Better Service

When patients are awaiting important lab test results or vaccine availability, every moment counts. Optimized cold storage directly translates to increased lab capacity, allowing your organization to provide better, faster service to patients in need of medical support.

With the ActivRAC system, one COVID-19 laboratory was able to achieve a 6x increase in testing capacity—amounting to approximately 50,000 more tests per day. What could your organization achieve with optimized refrigerated storage for labs?

  • User-activated anti-roll safety lock prevents unexpected carriage movement

Interested in optimizing your cold room storage with high-density mobile shelving? Contact our team of experts for an analysis of your space.

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