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BeCode PAD Keyless Lock with 20 Year Battery Life

The BeCode PAD is unique, innovative combination lock that requires no keys or transponders. Instead, the lock is opened simply by entering the correct code. This type of lock is secure and efficient, allowing the user to safely store and retrieve their belongings while protecting against theft, as well as broken locks or keys.

What is the BeCode PAD?

The PAD is the ideal locking solution for busy, high-traffic public environments with multiple locker users like universities, schools, hospitals, airports, train stations, supermarkets, and museums.

 The standard BeCode PAD color is silver, making it an attractive locking solution for sleek offices, conference rooms, lobbies, and more. Additionally, the use of universally recognized digits and symbols makes the PAD easy to use among all users.

 Because the system uses only a simple key pad, the PAD is better protected against vandalism and damage, in comparison to traditional combination or key locks. Durable and rugged, the PAD also has an exceptionally long service life: roughly 100,000 uses, which could span anywhere from several years to many decades.

BeCode PAD’s 20 Year Lithium Battery

Of course, all of that power has to come from somewhere, right? Enter the PAD’s impressive lithium battery, featuring a lengthy 20-year lifespan!

 The PAD contains up to 2 lithium batteries, of the type CR123. Due to the PAD’s highly efficient energy management, the lock is designed to be used for up to 20 years without needing to change the battery (up to 1,000 closures per month).

 Should the batteries eventually fail or become drained, you can connect the PAD with a special “emergency power adapter” and an external power supply that will allow power to reach the batteries from the outside.

 This backup system allows you to handle and operate the PAD even after the batteries are empty. It also allows you to open the PAD and replace the drained batteries. To replace the 2 lithium batteries, simply open the battery cover on the backside of the PAD.

 When it comes to intuitive operation and simple administration of a locking system, BeCode PAD is unbeatable. Additionally, the efficient energy management of PAD and its 20 year lithium battery lifespan makes it virtually maintenance-free.

 For more information about the BeCode PAD, contact Systems & Space today!


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