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With COVID vaccinations and their scheduled roll-out across states top-of-mind for most Americans, you and your lab staff might be wondering how to best address the growing demand while maintaining the normal day-to-day of your lab.

With SSI’s innovative ActivRAC Mobilized Storage, we can help elevate your lab and its existing space to meet that demand and ensure success now and moving forward.

Here are 5 cold storage room ideas for your lab and ways SSI can help.

1.   Maximize your storage volume

Our ActivRAC Mobilized Storage solution moves on a carriage-and-rail system. This design allows your lab to use existing but potentially wasted lab space by adding more shelving. The system is designed with organization in mind so while existing space is maximized it’s also utilized for optimum efficiency.

A full cold room is an efficient cold room. Our storage solutions can help you consolidate multiple cold storage rooms into one which in turn can help save staff time and reduce utility bills. Sick of the clutter? Let us help!

2.   Lead with Hygienic Solutions

COVID vaccinations promise much-needed relief from both the virus and the anxiety it carries with it but they are not without their own complexities. Pfizer requires an aggressive -70°C (-94°F) storage for up to 10 days, unopened, prior to administration. Moderna requires a less severe -20°C (-4°F) freezer storage. Your lab may be able to meet those temperatures but your team may be questioning space and safety limitations. That’s where SSI’s ActivRAC Mobilized Storage can help. As noted above, we help you maximize existing space while meeting necessary efficiency. We also promise a safe and hygienic solution.

Our systems use stainless steel. It is the first choice for strict hygiene conditions in hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, labs, and other clean facilities. ActivRAC holds up in constant near-freezing temperatures without rusting, and includes antimicrobial coating options.

3.   Boost Staff Morale

Our systems simplify inventory control and make it easier for healthcare workers to quickly store, locate, and retrieve samples. A tidy, organized cold room helps boost staff morale by reducing stress and enabling them to focus on what matters most: serving patients.

4.   Aim for Better, Faster Service

When patients are awaiting important lab test results or vaccine availability, every moment counts. Optimized cold storage directly translates to increased lab capacity. Increased lab capacity means increased testing capacity. With the ActivRAC system, one COVID-19 laboratory achieved a 6x increase in testing capacity — approximately 50,000 more tests per day.

50,000 more tests equates to 50,000 more people vaccinated than the day before. Your lab could be a stepping stone toward normalcy for hundreds of thousands of people in Northern California.

5.   Don’t Wait, Start Now

Our ActivRAC system offers labs a way to meet the growing vaccination demand with a space-saving, hygienic solution. Removing the clutter and offering a clean and organized solution allows your staff to focus on their important, life-saving work. Optimized storage leads to increased testing capacity which in turns leads to more vaccinated people. The road to wellness and normalcy is long but the end is in sight.

Let us help your lab be a part of the solution. Interested in optimizing your cold storage room in Northern California with the ActivRAC system? Contact us, today.


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