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Police Evidence Locker Solutions: What to Know

In today’s world, police evidence locker solutions are more critical than ever. With the rise of DNA evidence and other high-quality forensic evidence, police departments must have a place to store this evidence securely. Not only does proper storage prevent evidence from being lost or tampered with, but it also ensures that police have access to the best possible evidence when they need it.

There are many things to consider when it comes to police evidence locker solutions. The best way to ensure that you’re getting the right solution for your department’s specific needs is to familiarize yourself with the available features.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating police evidence locker solutions:

Locker Types

Police evidence locker solutions come in two varieties: pass-thru (PT) and non-pass-thru (NPT). Pass-thru police evidence lockers have an opening in the front and back of the locker, allowing police officers or other appropriate handlers to deposit evidence into the locker without entering the locker room. Non-pass-thru police evidence lockers require the evidence to be deposited and retrieved from the same door. Ultimately, the type of police evidence locker that is right for you will depend on the specific needs of your department.

Refrigerated Evidence

A refrigerated police evidence locker is the best solution when biological evidence needs to be stored. The coolest temperatures help to preserve DNA and other forensic evidence. Refrigerated police evidence lockers also prevent the degradation of many types of police evidence, such as drugs, weapons, and blood samples. These police evidence lockers are essential to maintaining the integrity of police evidence and ensuring that it can be used in court.

Locking Options

Both PT and NPT evidence lockers can offer keyless locking, which allows law enforcement to deposit items simply by pushing a button for increased security. A more sophisticated security solution is ControLoc, which offers automatic locking, remote monitoring, and a choice of card access or numeric control pad options.

Design Element

When it comes to police evidence, not all items are created equal. Some evidence may be small, while others may be quite large. As a result, police departments must be prepared to store evidence of all sizes. Fortunately, many police evidence locker solutions can accommodate items of any size. And because they are designed specifically for police evidence, they can help to ensure that items are properly preserved and protected. With the right police evidence locker solution, departments can be confident that their evidence will be safe, secure, and easily accessible when needed.

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