U.S. Armed Forces

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Secure, Organized Military Storage Solutions.

Over one million active personnel serve in the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces—and with each service member, there’s an abundance of supplies, gear, weapons, and materials that need all need a place. Even though military bases are often large expanses—space is typically at a premium.

Our goal is to help facilities access their gear and efficiently as possible—and our diverse military storage solutions are designed to precisely match the unique demands of each unit and the objective of each mission.

We want your space to work for you—not the other way around.

Our systems have been designed and engineered to save valuable space and improve logistical support, organization, and productivity. Take a look at some at the challenges we’ve solved for military organizations.

Avoiding FLIPLs and Increasing Accountability

When the North Carolina National Guard created locker rooms in each of their Readiness Centers throughout the state, they did it for the sole purpose of avoiding FLIPLs—to make sure that gear could be put in one place and always be accounted for. To aid in their goal, custom gear lockers with perforated doors were created—and a simple solution has the ability to save the NC National Guard millions of dollars in lost property.

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Creating Accessible Weapons Storage

Property military weapons storage requires security—yet it also calls for a highly organized approach to space so items can be issued quickly and efficiently. In working with Travis Air Force Base in nearby Fairfield, California, Universal Weapons Racks were used in conjunction with a powered High-Density Mobile Storage Systems to prevent weapons from moving, vibration, and abrasion.

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Making Military Gear Deployment Ready

We understand that the need for secure and organized storage is a priority—not just on base, but for deployment purposes, as well. Systems such as the Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage System ensure that weapons and gear remain in the same condition when they arrive as when they were deployed.

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Improving CIF Organization

There are plenty of busy places on military bases—but in our opinion, none as busy as the Central Issue Facility (CIF). It ensures that soldiers have all of the clothing and equipment they need to be mobilized at any time—whether it’s for war or a domestic emergency. For that reason, OCIE equipment and supplies are constantly being checked out and turned in, and organization makes or breaks the success of the facility. Many CIFs, including Camp Ripley in Minnesota, have found that High Density Mobile Storage Systems provide a way to efficiently access needed items—so much so that transaction time has significantly decreased.

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Protecting Parachutes and Life-Saving Gear

Protecting the lives of soldiers comes above anything else, and for military parachute riggers, their primary goal is to be certain about the safety and security of the hundreds of personnel chutes they pack and store on a daily basis. To assist with this critical issue, Spacesaver has designed two durable products for parachute storage, the Universal Storage Container and the Parachute Racking System.

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U.S. Armed Forces storage is multi-faceted. Learn more about your options by downloading our Military Overview brochure.