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Cantilever Shelving on Casters Creates Flexible Spaces in Libraries, Classrooms

Learning environments have evolved significantly in recent years, with libraries and schools — from elementary to college — offering more options for education, research and daily activities than ever before.

Since schools and libraries must allow for a larger variety of activities, all while adhering to restrictive budgets, there is a growing need to better utilize available space. Limited space to store books, research materials, school records and more creates disorganization, inefficiency, and an environment that limits learning and growth.

For nearly 30 years, the experts at Systems & Space and our Spacesaver partners have worked with countless educational institutions and libraries to create the best possible space for every inch of their facilities.

One solution is flex shelving, which combines the functionality of shelving with the mobility of rolling carts to create a truly adaptable space.

Flexible to Meet Needs

Flex shelving, also known as cantilever shelving on casters, can roll out of the way to create space for guest speakers, makerspace projects, collaboration and community events. Available in a range of styles, sizes and with accessories, flex shelving can complement any school or library’s interior design. 

Choose from several options, including:

Flex shelving with exposed casters — Can be moved to create open spaces for guest speakers and other community events, in addition to creating an open feel, with unobstructed views from one end of the building to the other.

Flex shelving with concealed casters — Combines the functionality of moveable shelving without visible casters, creating the appearance of standard shelving. The safe, sturdy flex shelving enables a variety of options when configuring interior spaces. 

Extended flex shelving — Existing shelving can be mounted on heavy, low-profile bases fitted with concealed casters and locking mechanisms, if desired. 

A-frame carts — Perfect for media storage and display, these rolling carts with exposed or concealed casters can be adapted to students’ or patrons’ changing needs over decades to come. The carts can be fitted with custom end panels to create a cohesive look.

All flex shelving can include casters that do or do not lock, depending on the customer’s preference. For casters that don’t lock, the weight of stored items causes the carts to remain stationary when students or patrons browse; two people are generally required to push the flex shelving to a new location. Alternatively, casters that do lock allow staff to easily lock the moveable shelving into the floor to create the appearance and functionality of stationary shelving; they can unlock and move the units as necessary for maintenance tasks, after-hours receptions and other events.

In addition to cantilever or four-post shelving, carts also can be fitted with accessories like roll-out browsing boxes, small shelves for DVDs, and other interchangeable storage and display products. 

Interested in learning more about how cantilever shelving on casters can benefit your school or library? Contact Systems & Space for a complimentary space and storage analysis.


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