Compact Archive Storage and Shelving

When your collections get too big you need a compact archive storage solution. Learn more how Systems and Space can help with X-Tend High-Bay Shelving.

Compact Archive Storage

More space can result in happier and more productive employees. More space creates protection for the items that are important to your organization. More space adds to your bottom line.

Libraries, off-site book depositories, archival record centers, museums, and even evidence storage centers are having major issues with trying to squeeze too many book collections and records into a decreasing amount of storage space. For these larger collections, an off-site facility may be your only option. But with X-Tend High Bay Shelving systems, a big facility will not be necessary.

Powered High-Bay shelving

X-Tend High-Bay Shelving

Designed specifically to provide off-site shelving solutions to compact archive storage areas, X-Tend High Bay Shelving systems provide optimal space efficiency while also providing increased protection and accessibility. The system maximizes the buildings’ space to full capacity by allowing storage to extend from floor to ceiling.

X-tend high bay shelving can be equipped with high-density mobile carriages, which offers the same storage capacity in less space, or more capacity in the same space.


Box-formed, cold rolled steel shelf construction


Smooth surfaces for sliding archive boxes or book trays


Shelves that integrate with a patented side shelf support system


Back stops which contain the media on the shelf


Durable polyester hybrid Power coat paint finish


Construction designed to meet NFPA-13, 2010 revised fire codes

X-Tend Static or Mobile High-Bay

X-Tend Static or Mobile High-Bay Shelving gives you:

  • Protection of stored media
  • Strength and durability
  • Flexibility and adjustability
  • Greater storage density
  • Accessibility
High-Bay compact mobile shelving

We’ve worked with numerous tech companies in the San Francisco Bay area on office shelving systems that can help foster innovation and high productivity. To find out more about how we can help your business.

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