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Vertical Lighting Grow Room – Top 5 Benefits

When it comes to cannabis growing, cultivation costs can quickly add up. From the initial investment in a commercial grow facility to the ongoing expenses of water, electricity, and nutrients, it’s easy to see how profits can dwindle. 

One way to maximize profits without breaking the bank is to invest in a vertical lighting grow room. Growing plants vertically allows growers to use their indoor space better and save cultivation costs.

Let’s look at the top five benefits that make a vertical lighting grow room a worthy investment.

Maximized Profits

Vertical lighting grow rooms can help increase your yield without sabotaging your budget, providing you with a competitive edge in the marketplace. By allowing more plants to fit into a smaller space, you can expand your business without expanding your square footage, ultimately saving money on real estate or rental costs. 

Growing vertically also saves you money on lighting, irrigation, climate control, and other cultivation costs.

Better Efficiency

A vertical lighting grow room is a more efficient space for commercial cannabis production. By growing plants on vertically stacked shelves, more plants can be grown in the same footprint as a traditional horizontal grow room. This allows for more efficient use of resources, such as light and water. 

In addition, vertical grow rooms make it easier to control the environment, which is critical for optimizing plant growth. By controlling the temperature, humidity, and ventilation, growers can create the perfect conditions for their plants. As a result, vertical grow rooms can produce higher yields with fewer resources.

Energy Efficient Lighting

When growing cannabis in a vertical grow room, choosing the right type of lighting is essential. LED lights are increasingly becoming the go-to lighting solution for growers, and for a good reason. LED lights are more efficient than traditional grow lights, meaning they use less electricity and generate less heat. This is important in a vertical grow room, where heat and light can quickly build up and overwhelm plants. 

With the GROW Mobile System, additional lighting doesn’t need to be installed to accommodate your growing supply. Its waterfall wire decking on the top tier allows the existing light from ceiling-mounted fixtures to reach each plant. 

Safe Working Environment

High-quality vertical racks are designed to be safe and durable, allowing your staff to feel at ease while on the job. They also allow for more ample walking space and better plant views.

At SSI, we’ve partnered with Spacesaver to offer The Grow Mobile System, one of the most cutting-edge cannabis vertical grow systems on the market. Designed with safety in mind, it features anti-tip rail technology, safety locks, and welded uprights.

Customizable Space

Let’s face it, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every commercial cannabis grower. Everything, from location to demographics, plays a vital role in how your business operates and your grow room’s design.

Going vertical gives you the utmost versatility to customize your space. With the Grow Mobile System, our design consultants work closely with you to create your vertical system to fit your needs. The system integrates with your existing — or new — lighting and ventilation. It also features accessories and other components to help turn your indoor space into your ideal grow room.

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