Mailroom Furniture

Mail centers constantly change to stay abreast of business communication, processing and distribution needs, including mailroom furniture. The unique structural frame system of modular casework lets you adapt and adjust equipment to support this ever changing transaction-intensive environment.

MultiSort modular casework features powder coated furniture steel, dual-sided laminates and extra-tough 3mm thickness edging to give you an industrial grade mail center solution with design flexibility to keep pace with your dynamic mail center.

Modular casework optimizes mail and distribution efficiency. Easy adjust trays, shelves, doors, drawers, and dividers are interchangeable to quickly adapt to fluctuating volumes and processing priorities, ensuring efficiency of critical daily distribution.

Here are some benefits of using multiSort modular casework for your Mail center:


  • GREEN Product
  • Easy Adjust slots
  • Magnified indexes
  • Color components
  • Clear shelves, trays, and backs improve visibility
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy reconfiguration
  • Industrial grade worktables