Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving For Storage

Heavy-duty mobile shelving can handle loads from 7,000-30,000 pound for your heaviest storage challenges. Take a look at how we can help.

Warehouses and industrial spaces are challenging landscapes.

Millions of SKUs and pieces of inventory to manage, customers who expect additional services, and perhaps the most prominent issue—finding the right balance of labor.

Or, maybe you’re not in a warehouse environment, but you’re in need of a solution to store heavy, bulky items.

Here’s where heavy-duty mobile shelving can be ideal.

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® heavy-duty mobile shelving can assist wherever a compact solution for heavy items are needed, eliminating empty space in your warehouse or storage area by mounting existing pallet racking or shelving on mobile carriages. These carriages have a load capacity of 7,000 to 30,000 pounds per carriage, making it a natural choice for a number of storage challenges—as well as a cost-effective alternative to leasing additional storage space or expansion.

There are numerous applications for ActivRAC®, including:

  • Industrial storage solutions
  • Auto parts storage
  • Equipment storage
  • Beer keg and craft beer storage
  • Freezer and cooler storage
  • Long-term evidence storage
  • MRO equipment and parts

ActivRAC® heavy-duty mobile shelving comes in three different sizes, depending on the amount you need to store: ActivRAC® 7M & 7P, 16P, and 30P. Take a look below to see which option might be right for you.

Warehouse Mobile Pallet Racking Storage Systems

ActivRAC® 7

ActivRAC® 7 comes in three different styles to help better suit your needs. Each option can hold a maximum of 7,000 pounds of storage:

ActivRAC® 7M (Mechanical-Assist)
7,000 pounds can be operated by a three-spoke handle

ActivRAC® 7M-SS (Mechanical-Assist Stainless Steel)
A stainless steel option for temperature-sensitive and clean room environments

ActivRAC® 7P (Powered)
Powered by the touch of a button, available in a variety of controls

ActivRAC® 7M Info Sheet

ActivRAC® 7P Info Sheet

ActivRAC® 7SS Info Sheet

ActivRAC® 7M in Use

Bae Systems, San Francisco

Bae Systems provides some of the world’s most advanced technology-led defense, aerospace, and security solutions—with the goal to deliver military capability, protect national security, and keep critical information secure. In order to keep up with that goal, security needed to start at their manufacturing warehouse. An ActivRAC® 7M heavy-duty mobile shelving system was utilized to provide 100% accessibility and visibility to both slow- and fast-moving parts and fixtures in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Military Gear Storage on Heavy-Duty Mobile Shelving

ActivRAC® 16P

A powered mobilized pallet rack system with load capacities of 16,000 pounds per carriage, ActivRAC® 16P (Powered) is a great way to store the heaviest of items, from pallets of inventory and repair equipment to anything from pallets of inventory to repair equipment, beer and wine barrel storage to slow-moving parts, which was the case at Fresenius Medical Care Holdings in Northern California.

ActivRAC® 16P Tech Data

Electric Mobile Shelving for Mobile Pallet Racking Storage

ActivRAC® 16P at Work

Fresenius Medical Care, Northern California

A manufacturer and innovative medical care products, Fresenius realized that the parts in their inventory was rapidly increasing—and as most of the parts were slow-moving, they needed to be able to manage those parts and free up critical, accessible space for fast-moving items at the same time. An ActivRAC® 16 heavy-duty mobile shelving system was able to assist—and now, Fresenius’s warehouse is operating more smoothly than ever.

ActivRAC® 30P

Offering 30,000 pounds of storage per carriage, ActivRAC® 30P is our most heavy-duty mobile shelving solution out there.

ActivRAC® 30P in Use

United States Army, Fort Carson, Colorado

In nearby Fort Carson, Colorado, the United States Army’s SSA (Supply Support Activity) building was in need to highly secure storage with immediate access to cargo containers. An ActivRAC® 30P heavy-duty mobile storage system allowed the SSA staff access to the materials they needed immediately without having to go unlock and lock the cargo containers each time materials are loaded and unloaded—saving time and helping to maintain organization of the unit’s materials.

ActivRAC® Product Comparison Sheet

ActivRAC® Storage Comparisons Info Sheet

ActivRAC® Color Options

Interested in finding how which heavy-duty mobile shelving system might be right for your facility’s needs? Contact Systems & Space for a complimentary space and storage analysis.

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