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COVID-19 Storage Shelving in a Cold Room – Northern California

COVID-19 vaccine production rates are ramping up significantly, and the need for cold storage for the vaccines is on the rise. With many cold rooms at maximum capacity, finding new, space-efficient solutions can help increase the number of doses a facility can store. 

Spacesaver’s compact shelving systems and high-density storage systems are ideal for maximizing cold room storage in Northern California. Our products can significantly increase capacity in new or existing walk-in coolers, freezers and cold storage warehouses, and our decades of experience in highly regulated health care settings will give you confidence that your lab will be up to the highest standards.

How It Works 

Our compact shelving systems are mobile, come in a variety of sizes, and are mountable on carriage and rail systems for easy configuration. The storage systems’ aluminum tread flooring on a “false floor” is easy to clean, so your team avoids slips and falls on the cold surface. And shelving can be moved around in the future if necessary. 

Transparent plexiglass end caps are available for increased visibility and stability of the shelves. Staff can view the vaccine doses while they remain on the shelves to determine inventory levels and location without disturbing the viles. 

Hand cranks are used to move the storage units along the rails, easily opening and closing aisles for simple access.

Improving Efficiency

Spacesaver’s high-density storage systems and compact shelving systems help improve efficiency in cold rooms in several ways. 

Maximize storage volume: Wasted space is a thing of the past, giving you more capacity without having to add on to your existing cold room or warehouse.

Save energy: It takes more energy to run multiple cold rooms. A full freezer is an efficient freezer, maximizing density to save cost and energy. 

Cut costs: In addition to saving money on energy costs, you can consolidate your storage to save on staff time and utility bills. 

Improve inventory control: Our systems simplify your inventory management and keep you compliant with complete visibility and selectivity. 

Keep it clean: A clean, organized environment with stainless steel and antimicrobial coating options keeps vaccine doses (and your employees) safe. 

If your Northern California lab is looking to increase refrigerated storage capacity, see results and eliminate wasted space in an existing facility or new construction, Spacesaver can help. Get in touch with SSI today to talk with one of our storage specialists. 


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