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COVID-19 Readiness Solutions for Refrigerated Storage Solutions in Northern California

As vaccine eligibility expands to those 16 and older, the return to normalcy is finally on the horizon. The question for many California residents now is, “Where can I get my shot?” But, for your lab, it may be, “How do we process more tests?” Or, “How do we meet growing and urgent demand?”

Spacesaver can help your lab meet that demand and make the most of your cold space with our high-density storage systems.

How it Works 

The key to Spacesaver’s effective and proven storage solutions is the ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System. The system mounts shelving or racking on carriages that slide along rails in the floor, which eliminates wasted space and consolidates stored items into a smaller space. More space means more opportunities to store vaccines, test samples or supplies and equipment in your lab’s existing space.

The ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System eliminates the wasted space common with traditional shelving or racking, freeing up your lab’s aisles for more storage. The system’s carriages have a load capacity of 3,000 to 30,000 lbs. and are fitted with a host of safety and security features. ActivRAC’s heavy-duty capacity makes it a natural choice for a number of storage challenges — from equipment and supplies to freezer and cooler storage — necessary for COVID-19 vaccine storage. The ability to anchor this mobile pallet racking system to existing concrete makes it a cost-effective solution for increasing capacity in any space, without the need for renovation or expansion.

The ActivRAC system not only saves on energy costs, it also can reduce construction or rental costs. Web Industries found that by using an ActivRAC system it could store the same amount of material in a freezer half the size. It’s also a safe choice, with an advanced electronic control system that performs reliably in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, it can maintain integrity of COVID-19 test kits and vaccinations that require maximum cold and frozen storage for safe administration.

Real Results

A Los Angeles-area diagnostic laboratory had a problem: It needed to process more COVID-19 tests and needed to do it fast. The goal was to increase testing capacity as much as possible and as quickly as possible. To meet the growing demand, a new lab was constructed with 30,000 square feet of shelled space in its existing 150,000-square-foot facility. Spacesaver provided the lab three compact shelving systems: one system for materials management and two lab cold room shelving systems for storing test kits in refrigerated rooms. Spacesaver shipped materials while some of the order was still in manufacturing to meet tight deadlines.

The result? An increased capacity of 7,500 tests per day to approximately 50,000 more tests per day. Fast and efficient! Even better, area residents can get their COVID-19 test results even faster due to the lab’s increased capacity.

If your Northern California lab is looking to increase refrigerated storage capacity, see results and eliminate wasted space in an existing facility or new construction, Spacesaver can help.


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