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A good cold room storage system is absolutely essential for a number of industries — in particular, food and beverage companies along the entire supply chain. Keeping products safe for consumption means they need to be stored in effective, well-kept cold rooms at temperatures that hinder bacterial growth and pathogen transmission. 

Likewise, the pharmaceutical industry uses cold rooms to maintain safety and efficacy of vaccinations, test samples, and other medical products. There’s even an option for antimicrobial powder coatings for an extra layer of protection in clean rooms and walk-in refrigerators or freezers. 

The use of a reliable cold room storage system, in many cases, literally saves lives, bringing medication, diagnostics, and sustenance to people in Northern California and all over the world. 

Pack it up, Pack it in

Wasted space means wasted money in commercial cold rooms. With SSI’s innovative high-density mobile storage solutions, you can safely and effectively store perishable items at a much higher capacity.

Why go mobile? It’s a simple way to only have aisles when and where you need aisles. The mobile shelving units easily glide along rails to open walking spaces between the shelves, then close those spaces when they’re not needed. That means no empty aisle space, and instead, more products that can fit in the cold room. 

SSI’s mobile shelving comes in many sizes and with a variety of options for manual, automatic and programmable movement. Maximizing shelving in a cold room provides a flexible space rather than a fixed footprint available for storage. 

Organize and Optimize

As more and more products are added, a cold room can become cluttered, products may be difficult or inconvenient to access, and perhaps even take some time to locate. Having a simple, strategic solution can make all the difference for employees who work within the cold room. 

Unorganized cold rooms can lead to safety hazards, decreased productivity, frustration among employees, and potentially lost or damaged products. Using reliable, uniform, mobile storage racks make it easy to label and sort cold room products so that they can be easily identified, accessed, and moved according to changing inventory levels. 

Work with Experts

At SSI, we don’t just sell shelves; we work closely with you to identify what cold room storage solutions meet your unique needs and footprint in Northern California. With our wide variety of products and add-on features, we cover all sorts of scenarios to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your space — safely, effectively and with the appropriate tools for maximum success. 

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