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4 Benefits of Warehouse Storage Systems for Northern California Businesses

While warehouses may appear to be vast spaces from the outside — full of places to store parts, SKUs, materials and inventory — inside, there’s never enough room. Ramping up production, adding product lines and making room for new business developments often means warehouse space in Northern California is at a premium. Not to mention, there’s the task of moving hundreds of SKUs and other materials in and out of warehouses on a daily basis, plus storing inventory long-term.

Optimized space utilization in warehouses can make it easier to adapt to operational changes, as well as operate efficiently on a daily basis.

Here are four benefits of warehouse storage systems:

Maximize existing warehouse storage capacity

Industrial warehouse racking solutions from Systems & Space make it possible to increase SKUs or pallet positions without the need for a facility expansion. The ActivRAC® Mobile Racking System by Spacesaver eliminates wasted floor space originally occupied by aisles in your warehouse by mounting your existing pallet racking or shelving on mobile carriages that move back and forth on rails anchored to the floor.

Tens of thousands of SKUs can be kept organized, secure and accessible. High-density mobile shelving frees up valuable floor space by keeping just one aisle way open at any given time, resulting in the ability to store more SKUs in the same area.

By increasing your storage capacity in the same footprint, you can grow your revenue without expensive renovations and set up your warehouse for future growth — all while accessing items more easily and delivering products faster.

Optimize space for convenient access to all SKUs

Knowing which of your SKUs move the fastest is central to optimizing your warehouse. If an organization’s highest activity items are stored in a back corner of the warehouse, employees would need to pass hundreds of slower moving SKUs just to reach the inventory that is driving the majority of warehouse activity. A better use of available space would be to store those fast-moving SKUs close to the warehouse doors or truck terminal.

Organizing products efficiently can be a challenge with traditional static shelving, especially for warehouses with a wide assortment of SKUs. With heavy-duty mobile shelving, slow-moving SKUs can be stored securely in the back of the warehouse to free up space for faster-moving items. These slow-moving goods still can be easily accessed as soon as your team needs them, either with the push of a button or turn of a mechanical assist handle.

Prioritize employee safety in warehouses

Industrial storage systems were designed with employee safety in mind. By clearing up clutter and keeping the warehouse floor tidy, you can reduce the risk of accidents like slips and falls. Mobile aisleways can be opened and accessed by turning a mechanical-assist handle, which can accommodate up to 7,000 pounds. ActivRAC® 7P offers the option of powered aisles.

Mobile racking solutions can be outfitted with safety systems designed to meet the needs of your industrial space. For instance, the Photo Sweep system uses an infrared light beam to sweep for obstructions close to the floor and stop the aisle from closing.

Create centralized maintenance storage

Maintenance, repair and operations supplies are critical to running smoothly. Safety gear, tools, repair kits, cleaning supplies and spare parts can quickly pile up and become disorganized, especially when multiple users are accessing the MRO supply area and no one is assigned the task of managing it. Centralized supply storage can reduce the risk of lost, duplicate or damaged parts, as well as help employees tackle maintenance issues and repairs more efficiently.

Interested in learning more about how industrial storage systems can benefit your Northern California warehouse or distribution center? Contact Systems & Space today.


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