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Marijuana Grow Room Perfection: How Northern California Businesses Succeed the Right Way

In Northern California, the marijuana growth business is on the rise and continually reaching greater levels of production. Successful indoor growers there have been able to maximize space, improve yields and boost revenue with vertical grow systems for commercial cannabis cultivation.

Indoor grow spaces, albeit pricier than their outdoor counterparts, allow for complete climate control and, when done correctly, also lead to high-quality yields. Systems & Space has helped many Northern California marijuana grow rooms maximize their space so they can focus on what matters: results. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your indoor grow room.


When space comes at a premium, every square inch counts. The good news is that a larger facility isn’t a requirement for a higher yield — you just need to be smart with the square footage you have available.

Systems & Space’s GROW Mobile System minimizes unused space by offering a vertical, movable, configurable solution that maximizes the use of your facility. The stacked shelving allows for multiple levels of growing area while the carriage-and-rail system reduces wasted aisle space.

The system is constructed of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and engineered to extend up to 60 feet long and 30 feet tall, utilizing your space from floor to ceiling. This allows you to grow more plants in the same amount of square footage — giving you more opportunities to grow your yields, your profits and your business.


Expenses add up when it comes to lighting, climate control and irrigation — especially as you increase square footage. By growing more plants in the same space, you can reduce energy use, improve efficiency and lower the cost-per-plant.

The GROW Mobile System is designed specifically for indoor marijuana grow rooms and with light limitations in mind. Waterfall wire decking on the top tier allows light from ceiling-mounted fixtures to reach plants at every level, ensuring uniform, high-quality results.

The system also is designed to accommodate ventilation and irrigation systems. By freeing up space in aisles, the system allows water build-up to make its way to drainage systems, ensuring air humidity remains consistent.


With the turn of a mechanical-assist handle, the GROW Mobile System’s sturdy, durable and low-profile carriage moves along rails installed into the floor or another surface. While this effectively eliminates wasted aisle space, it also ensures that staff can easily and safely access aisles when needed, providing full accessibility to every plant.

The system is outfitted with anti-tip rails, safety locks, welded uprights and other features to make your commercial grow room setup safer, including:

  • 3,000 lbs. capacity per carriage/wheel section;
  • Three-spoked handle moves thousands of pounds with minimal effort; and
  • User-activated anti-roll safety lock prevents unexpected carriage movement.

Systems & Space’s GROW Mobile System is customized to meet your needs and is designed to optimize airflow, light and space for healthy plants. Contact our team for an analysis of your space today.


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