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On average, about 3 percent to 5 percent of a museum’s collection is displayed publicly; the other artwork has to be stored and safeguarded in temperature-controlled spaces. Space constraints are a concern as collections increase, requiring an organized and condensed storage solution. The ideal museum storage systems preserve your current collection’s integrity while creating additional storage space for new arrivals. Many Northern California museums focus on a storage solution that can efficiently utilize their existing space, using vertical storage for artwork, which preserves each piece’s integrity safely.

Benefits of Vertical Storage of Artwork

Museums are critical for the conservation of history and civilization. It’s becoming more challenging for museums to balance display and storage effectively. Paper art can be fragile and require rotation every four to six months to prevent damage. Vertical storage for artwork provides additional space, preservation, organization and security. This museum storage solution has a professional look while maintaining ideal preservation standards.

Vertical storage for artwork minimizes interior space use by utilizing space from floor to ceiling, instead of solely storing artwork horizontally, allowing for useful housekeeping measures when locating various collections or individual pieces.

When designing and building storage solutions, SSI takes adequate space and proper temperature into consideration. Consolidating museums’ artwork allows for additional space for future collections and can protect against fire and water damage.

With priceless artwork in rotation from storage to display, security is a factor — SSI designs storage solutions with total and complete access to all of your artwork only for authorized users. Also, any storage unit can be mounted and be mobile for fast and easy relocation within your storage area if necessary.

Vertical Artwork Storage Options

Compact mobile storage focuses on condensing your stored pieces, allowing you to keep more artwork in less space while improving accessibility. Likewise, art racks and cabinets preserve floor space while maintaining framed artwork. Vertical storage for artwork provides the same organizational benefits of traditional art racks while dramatically expanding art storage capability.

Finally, heavy-duty shelving accommodates statues and other bulkier items. Storing heavier items on shelving prevents environmental decay and other damaging factors.

SSI specializes in developing vertical storage solutions for artwork for Northern California museums. Each museum’s space and requirements are distinctive. When working with our skilled storage specialists, you will experience a customized solution that meets your specific needs. Each of our specialists has years of experience and expertise.

If you have a project that requires a storage resolution, contact us and let’s have a discussion.


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