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Give Your Marijuana Grow Room Space to Actually Grow in Northern California

Cannabis growing isn’t taboo anymore — it’s a lucrative, booming business that employs thousands. Like any crop whose bounty is tied to profit, there are many things to consider in your marijuana grow room design and set up. Space is, of course, chief among them. Cost is a close second. 

Marijuana Business Daily estimates it costs $42 per square foot for a large-scale cannabis grow operation, but costs vary between indoor and outdoor growth space. Indoor grow rooms tend to be the most expensive as you’ll need to account for light, ventilation, temperature and irrigation, among other things.

But there’s a reason many Northern California and Bay Area growers opt for the pricier indoor grow rooms: high-quality results. Systems & Space knows all about high-quality results, and we’re here to take your indoor grow room, and your yields, to the next level. 

Storage Solutions for the Ideal Grow Room

In an indoor grow room, every inch counts. Systems & Space’s GROW Mobile System is designed specifically for indoor marijuana grow rooms to ensure your space is utilized to its full potential. It’s a vertical, movable, configurable growing system that minimizes wasted space both vertically and horizontally. The stacked shelving allows for multiple levels of growing area, while the carriage-and-rail system reduces wasted aisle space.

Why vertical? Because sometimes the only way to go is up! Constructed of heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel and engineered to extend up to 30 feet tall, our system allows you to maximize your existing space and cut costs (no need to lease or purchase additional space) while keeping your plants at their healthiest. 

Waterfall wire decking on the top tier allows light from ceiling-mounted fixtures to reach plants again, all within your existing space. In our space-saving carriage-and-rail system, workers can easily access the aisles they need. It accommodates new or existing pallet racking and shelving, has a capacity of 3,000 lbs. and can extend up to 60 inches long. Additionally, our user-activated anti-roll safety lock prevents unexpected carriage movement. Our mobile cannabis growing system is outfitted with anti-tip rails, safety locks, welded uprights, and other measures to make your commercial marijuana grow room setup safer for your plants and your employees. 

Our complete indoor grow systems can be integrated with new or existing lighting, ventilation and other equipment. Every vertical growing system is customized to meet your needs and is designed to optimize airflow, light and space for healthy plants.

Real Growth

Our mobile storage solutions work. In the Bay Area, we helped a facility double its grow yield. Our system helped a facility see a 500% increase in canopy size. These facilities had success without needing to invest in more space or compromise the health and safety of their employees. These facilities saw success in their existing space and still produced high-quality yields. 

Our Grow Mobile System eliminates the uncertainties so you can focus on what matters: results. In these uncertain times, we’re proud to offer something that makes life easier on everyone. 

It’s time for your space to grow. Contact our team for an analysis of your space today.


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