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Vertical Grow Systems – Indoor Farming / Cannabis


Since the legalization of recreational Cannabis in California on January 1st, 2018, Grow facilities are emerging from the smoke looking for ways to grow Cannabis more efficiently and cost effectively. Most Medical Marijuana based facilities occupied pre-existing buildings, however, many more entrepreneurs want in on the action. Thus, new facilities are being built and need new equipment.

Not just another Shelving System

In August 2017, a pre-existing Medical Marijuana Facility in San Francisco reached out looking for a grow solution that utilizes vertical space to maximize yield potential. Fortunately for them, maximizing space is one of our specialties! However, this was the first multi-tiered grow solution- it was a learning experience for both the client and the Systems & Space design team. After taking many obstacles into consideration (e.g. lighting, irrigation, ventilation and plant height requirements, etc.) a vertical solution was designed, and the installation commenced in segments, which took less than 5 months to complete, with no disturbance to the facilities work flow.

—- See a short video of a successful Cannabis Storage Solution Installation —-

Innovation at its best

Spacesavers product is unique when it comes to customizable storage solutions for almost any application. For many years, Spacesaver has had a strong place holder in the Museums, Library, Hospital, Public Safety and Military Markets. Now, with the Cannabis/Marijuana market emerging our clients and Systems Planners have to face more creative challenges because it’s not just stuff, it’s LIVING stuff.

So, what types of challenges need to be considered when building a vertical shelving structure for growing Cannabis, and how easily do they incorporate with each other? The answer is not simple, but here is what we’ve uncovered, so far:

  • Lighting: LED or other, these are installed right under the shelving section above.
  • Ventilation: These are also installed under the shelving section and above.
  • Irrigation and grow mediums: the spectrum of grow techniques can vary substantially between hydroponic/ aeroponic to different soil mediums. Whatever the case may be, trays can either be (but not limited to) recessed between support beams, or pots can be placed on top of wire or wide span shelving.
  • Vertical space: Shelves are adjustable and installed to meet your preference to accommodate various strain heights.

Not just another Cannabis Grow System

Spacesaver multi-tiered high density movable vertical systems are not only used in the cannabis market but are also used for other types of indoor farming for restaurants and more. Contact us to learn more!

Don’t outgrow your building, grow into it.

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