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Parcel Storage Solutions for Mailrooms

Recently, Systems & Space completed a mailroom locker installation for an online survey company. This company provides online, cloud-based survey tools as well as programs that aid in data analysis and representation.

The Problem

We received a direct call from this company seeking assistance redesigning their mailroom. The room in question was outdated and offered very limited functional space.


Over time, this resulted in the mailroom becoming highly disorganized, with no reliable systems for receiving, storing, or retrieving packages. Parcels were stacked wherever they would fit, making it difficult for users to find the packages they needed.

The Solution

After consulting with the client, Systems & Space determined that the optimal solution for this mailroom storage problem was to install brand new parcel lockers equipped with BeCode MiniPAD / TANmode Express locks.


BeCode MiniPAD is a keypad lock designed to fit even the smallest lockers. Both sleek and secure, the BeCode MiniPAD door simply needs to be closed shut to engage the locking mechanism. A pin in the spring-loaded bolt ensures that the bolt cannot be tampered with from the outside, providing maximum protection.


The BeCode MiniPAD works in conjunction with TANmode Express software, which provides uncomplicated and effective code and user management. TANmode Express makes it easy for operators (such as mailroom employees) to manage locker availability and share codes with users (such as employees).


All in all, we installed two runs of lockers with 62 openings in total. From design to completion, this project took only three months.

The Result

After the lockers were installed, our BeCode Specialist trained two mailroom employees on using the TANmode Express application through a URL that was easily compatible with their iPads.


By logging into their Express accounts, these mailroom employees can now easily secure incoming packages in an appropriate sized locker, lock it, and send the lock directly to the recipient’s phone or email. The recipient can then use that code to retrieve their package at their leisure.


This new storage system makes optimal use of the available space, frees up clutter, keeps packages secure, and makes it easier for mailroom employees to perform their jobs.

Systems & Space has used BeCode MiniPAD and TANmode Express to transform and optimize mailrooms of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about what our installations can do for your organization.


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