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Medical Supply Storage

Medical Storage for Hospitals & Healthcare

For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, having a streamlined storage area is more than just a luxury—it is a necessity for day-to-day operations. Medical facilities stock a massive quantity of supplies, from medications and surgical kits to diagnostic tools, linens, protective equipment, and personal care supplies. 

Proper storage of these various supplies is critical to providing a high level of patient care, yet many hospitals struggle with inadequate storage space and poor organization.

Better Storage = Better Patient Care

Shockingly, nurses spend an average of 21 minutes per shift searching for lost equipment and supplies. In hospitals and other facilities where minutes matter, this number should be as close to zero as possible.

Efficient, organized healthcare storage directly impacts the patient experience. When nurses and other hospital workers are able to quickly locate the supplies they need, they have more available time to spend with patients. Proper storage also reduces the risk of lost or damaged supplies, and supports cleanliness.

Best Medical Storage Solutions

Modular bins bring order to medical supply storage by keeping all supplies organized and accessible. This solution facilitates efficient retrieval of frequently accessed items, especially when used with a color-coded supply system. Modular bin storage is also available as a high-density storage system, which compresses two rows of storage into one deeper space, thereby reducing the need for an aisle.

High-density stainless steel racking is an ideal solution for sterile medical storage. Whether you are storing surgery kits, needles or other sensitive materials, sterile storage plays a vital role in preventing infections and spreading illnesses. A mobile racking system in stainless steel eliminates wasted aisle space and allows hospitals to store more in less space, while remaining resistant to rusting and corrosion.

Nurse stations are an innovative solution that allow hospital workers to quickly and easily access the supplies and equipment they need, without trekking all the way to the main supply room. Spacesaver CoreSTOR nurse server allows the most frequently used supplies for patient care to be stored just steps from the bedside. At one medical center, this solution lowered the cost of care in unit by 21%, and reduced the length of patient stays by 17%.

4-Post shelving is highly durable and ergonomically designed to improve visibility, accessibility, and organization. This type of medical shelving is ideal for sterile storage of supplies right in the operating room or other sensitive areas. Glass or Plexiglas doors keep supplies clean, while allowing for maximum visibility. Shelving can also be customized with pull-out racks and adjustable shelves to accommodate your ever-changing supplies. Get the solution you need with a focus on efficiency.

Is your hospital or medical facility in need of improved storage and organization? Contact Systems & Space to learn more about our customizable healthcare storage solutions.


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