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Spacesaver 4 Post Shelving

What is 4-Post Shelving?

Whether you’re storing books, digital media, case studies, sports equipment, industrial parts, or historic artifacts, your primary goal is roughly the same: you need your items to be secure yet accessible. Spacesaver 4-post shelving is a highly flexible and configurable storage solution that can be applied in a number of creative ways across a wide range of industries. 

4-Post Shelving vs. Standard Metal Shelving

Spacesaver 4-post shelving is comprised of four upright posts that support the installation of shelves. But unlike ordinary metal shelving, Spacesaver shelving is universally slotted. These unique slotted shelves allow for the attachment of divider rods, bin dividers, and file dividers, providing a much higher level of adaptability than standard shelving units. 

4-post shelving can also be equipped with lockable doors, drawers, pullout shelves, racks, and various other add-ons. Three types of frame-mounted doors are available to choose from: single-wall, double-wall, and window. 

These accessories make it easy to store files, boxes, books, or virtually any other items—plus the ability to reconfigure your storage system as your inventory evolves. No matter what you are storing, Spacesaver 4-post shelving provides the flexibility and customization you require. 

Benefits of 4-Post Shelving

With Spacesaver shelving, your design options are virtually unlimited. 4-post shelving can be customized with an imaginative range of powder-coat paint colors and finishes to complement any interior. Choose from optional end-panels and front bases for a polished appearance.

Spacesaver shelving boasts a heavy-duty steel construction that maximizes stability and rugged functionality. Shelves feature welded-steel uprights, allowing them to support heavier loads. Our powder-coat paint finishes are extremely durable and resistant to chips and scratches. Shelving can also be equipped with anti-tip devices for improved safety.

Is one of your organization’s challenges dealing with a cramped, insufficiently-sized storage area? 4-post shelving can be adapted to mobile storage applications as well as static, giving you the ability to store even more items in the same amount of space. With this type of mobile shelving unit, you can effectively eliminate wasted aisle space. 

Who Needs 4-Post Shelving?

Virtually any organization in any industry can benefit from 4-post shelving. Hospitals can install pull-out racks and glass or plexiglass doors, for versatile sterile storage of supplies even in the operating room.  Public or university libraries can store and organize a larger quantity of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and other media with bin dividers and divider rods. Law firms and other offices may choose to configure shelving with pull-out reference shelves, suspended folder storage, and files drawers.

Accessories such as storage drawers and hinged doors with locking capabilities are ideal for archival museum storage. Other types of industries and organizations that can benefit from 4-post shelving include athletic centers, clinical laboratories, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and public safety departments.

Interested in learning more about how static or mobile 4-post shelving could help your organization solve its storage challenges? Contact Systems & Space for more information about Spacesaver shelving.


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