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Maintenance Shop Storage: Organize Tools, Supplies & Equipment

 From schools and universities to warehouses, shopping centers and corporate offices, maintenance crews are engines that help keep things running smoothly. When something breaks, stops working or needs to be repaired, it poses a risk not just to your operating schedule, but potentially to the health and safety of your employees, students, or customers.

One of the best ways an organization can support maintenance and repair operations is by investing in an efficient, well-organized maintenance shop. This space should allow your onsite maintenance crew to quickly access all of the supplies and equipment they need, with an emphasis on safety and productivity. 

Below, learn about how Spacesaver high density storage can help optimize your maintenance shop and improve the organization of  of tools, supplies, and specialized equipment.

Case Study: Improving Maintenance Shop Storage

A maintenance shop that serves a large, multi-building campus of a major pharmaceutical company was struggling to maintain order in their existing storage space. Due to rapid growth in research labs on the campus, the amount of specialized equipment that needed to be stored was quickly taking over the shop. 

Additionally, the maintenance shop crew still needed the right ideas and space to store their own standard tools and supplies. This was causing the supply and storage area to become overcrowded and difficult to use. The maintenance crew’s biggest concerns were that their existing drawers and pallet racking 1) wasted space, 2) were difficult to use, and 3) didn’t allow them to see inventory.

The local Spacesaver consultant helped the staff completely rethink their maintenance shop storage space by designing a custom system that effectively met all of their needs:

  • High-density shelving system moves along rails to eliminate wasted aisle space
  • Every cubic inch of space inside the shelving is optimized with with clear bins, which are ideal for storing small parts and improving visibility
  • Interior of each shelving unit is also outfitted with hanger rods to store spools of wire
  • Wide-span industrial shelving facilitates storage of large and heavy equipment

The result is a system that’s easy to use with room to grow and expand. Expensive equipment is safe and protected, all available storage safe is optimized, and maintenance supplies and tools are easy for staff to access.

Is your maintenance shop overcrowded, cluttered, or potentially unsafe for working crews? 

Contact Systems & Space to learn more about how high-density mobile shelving, clear bins, hanger rods, and other storage solutions can optimize your maintenance shop.


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