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No matter the size, scale or location of your cannabis grow operation, optimizing your available space in a way that maximizes your yield—without significantly increasing your costs—is likely one of your most pressing challenges.

Since 1988, Systems & Space has been providing comprehensive storage and space solutions (including mobile racks) for a wide range of industries, including the cannabis grow industry. We can design a customized solution to help your facility maximize yield using Spacesaver ActivRAC heavy-duty mobile shelving.

High Density Mobile Racks for the Cannabis Industry

The ActivRAC system was originally designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, and consists of shelving mounted on carriages that move along rails. Compared to traditional static tables, ActivRAC eliminates wasted aisle space and doubles your available grow area.

Want to gain even more space? Go vertical! ActivRAC can accommodate up to four tiers of trays or shelving, allowing your cannabis growing facility to eliminate even more wasted space and increase yields by up to four times.

Our carriages can extend up to 60 feet, and our shelving can extend vertically up to 30 feet—that’s longer and taller than any other mobile shelving provider in the industry. Staff can easily access the plants with the turn of a mechanical-assist handle or touch of a button. Our factory-certified technicians will train your staff on the system’s operation.

Fully Integrated Shelving Systems

Systems & Space can design and build your shelving system to your facility’s exact specifications, including working with the tables and shelves you are already using.

Our low-rise trays provide strength and durability, prevent accidental run-off, and encourage proper drainage and airflow to keep your plants healthy. They are designed to fully integrate with any existing lighting, ventilation and plumbing systems.

Many cannabis growers choose to install the system in phases; for example, starting with a single flowering room. The increased productivity in that room will pay for new systems in additional rooms! Likewise, some clients choose to begin by installing the floor rail systems, then adding tables and shelving as new funds become available.

Ready to Grow More?

Whether you’re breaking ground in a new facility or optimizing your existing space, Systems & Space can help you design the optimal commercial grow room setup to maximize your yield potential.

Contact Systems & Space today to learn more about our customizable systems, and to save your operation time and money while boosting your cannabis yield!


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