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How Better Storage Can Boost Public Safety Employee Morale

Public safety personnel face strenuous, demanding, and even dangerous work conditions. Coming back “home” to a department that is overcrowded or disorganized can decrease workplace satisfaction and lead to a decline in morale. This can actually hurt your bottom line, as low morale is linked with employee turnover, absenteeism, and poor productivity.

Implementing a better storage system in your public safety department is one way to boost morale and ensure it stays high. Not only does improved storage create a safer work environment for your employees, it can also make them feel more comfortable and valued by department leaders. 

A study by the American Psychological Association (APA) reported that 9 out of 10 employees who feel valued by their employer will channel those emotions into enthusiasm for work and a drive to perform well on the job. What better way to show your employees that they are valued than by providing a clean, comfortable, and organized workplace? 

Safer Work Environment

In the line of duty, public safety officers can be exposed to extremely hazardous and stressful situations. In the worst cases, their lives or wellbeing can be put at risk. With such chaotic and unpredictable working conditions, they don’t need to be on-edge in their own departments too.

The best floor plans for public safety departments focus on securing weapons and streamlining access to personal gear. Officers’ lives can depend on their weapons, so it’s essential that they are able to access their gear quickly when the time comes—and also that their weapons stay out of the wrong hands.

Secure modular weapon storage optimizes your existing storage area, meaning more gear can be stored more easily in the same (or less) amount of space. Added security features ensure that access is quick and easy for officers, but restricted for everyone else. 

Better Efficiency & Productivity

Optimized gear storage doesn’t just improve safety, it also gives department productivity a boost. When employees are called to act quickly, the last thing they need is to be held back by disorganized or misplaced gear. 

Bulky gear bags, tactical vests, boots, electronics, and weapons should all have a dedicated space that makes it easy for busy officers to find what they need, as soon as they need it. Streamlining your department’s storage area is a smart way to save your employees time, allow them to work more efficiently, and offer a higher level of service to the community.

Just as low morale and poor productivity are closely linked, the inverse is also true; employees who feel that they are performing well on the job are more likely to experience feelings of job satisfaction and pride.

Sufficient Personal Storage

Having  enough personal storage to organize their gear enables officers  to use their department as a “home away from home.” They have dedicated personal locker space to store their belongings, and that space is private, secure, and designed with their storage needs in mind. 

Additional features like charging stations, drawers, and benches can make the space feel even more inviting and enjoyable for officers. These thoughtful little touches often make a significant difference between an employee who feels valued and appreciated, and one who does not.

Systems & Space has designed public safety storage solutions for a number of departments in the Northern California area. From personal storage lockers to secure weapons storage, our products are designed with safety and efficiency in mind.

Contact us for more information about how we can improve storage and boost morale in your public safety department.


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