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No matter what industry your business operates in, storage of supplies and equipment is likely one of the biggest challenges you face. From large machinery to archival files to consumer goods, it all has to be stored somewhere until it’s ready to be sold, moved, or used. 

Your organization already has a storage system in place, but is it fully optimized, high-density storage? If your facility struggles with safely and easily accessing stored items, managing inventory, or finding available space for new items, the answer is likely no. 

Then again, times are tight—can your business really afford to invest in a brand new storage system? Fortunately, there is a middle ground between sticking with your current system and scrapping it in favor of a new system.

Although Systems & Space specializes in designing new storage solutions for organizations, our teams can also help clients stay on budget by accommodating their existing systems. We do this by converting your original storage system into a cost-effective high-density storage solution. 

Case Study: Storing Windshields for a State Transit Authority


A Spacesaver consultant helped a state’s transit authority save space and money by maximizing the existing storage racks in their central repair and maintenance facility. 

The Challenge

Windshields are particularly difficult to store due to their large size and delicate nature. Previously, the transit authority had invested in custom racks to keep their windshields organized and protected while being stored. When they began running out of room for storing new parts and equipment, they called a local Spacesaver representative to help design a more effective solution.

The Solution

The Spacesaver consultant visited the facility to measure the specialized windshield racks, then worked with in-house engineering teams to design a high-density mobile system that would accommodate the racks. 

This carriage-and-rail system effectively eliminated wasted aisle space and increased storage capacity—all while maximizing the client’s original investment in their windshield storage racks. The custom-built racks didn’t go to waste, and the transit authority had more space to store bus equipment and parts.

What Would You Do With More Space?

High-density mobile storage can be utilized in virtually every industry to help maximize space to its full capacity. The best part? Our team of experts can work with your existing storage systems, and convert them into a high-density storage solution.

Interested in learning more about how Spacesaver high-density mobile storage can benefit your organization? Contact us for more information.


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