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Interested in taking your Northern California cannabis grow room to new heights? Whether your operation is just getting started or you manage an established grow room that is ready to increase yields, the key to success is working with the right equipment and supplies. Learn about the essential commercial grow room equipment you need to grow your cannabis yields and profits.

Growing Healthy Cannabis Plants: The Basics

Your grow room setup can have a dramatic impact on the health and quality of your cannabis plants. Lighting fixtures, HVAC systems, fans, the height of your shelving units, and the overall layout of your space are important factors that should be carefully considered as you plan for equipment and the overall design of your grow room.

Cannabis plants require fresh air with plenty of circulation. Fans and HVAC units help to keep the plants at a healthy temperature, while humidifiers ensure that the plants receive the ideal amount of moisture from the air. Lighting is one of the most important considerations; cannabis plants need a lot of light, and too little light can drastically reduce your yield.

Static Shelving vs. Mobile Shelving

Static tables or shelves are the traditional choice for new growers. In fact, many commercial grow room operators do not realize there is an alternative option: mobile shelving. With static shelves, there is always some amount of floor space that is being occupied by aisles. This “empty” space is actually wasted space that could be occupied by more plants instead. 

How? The GROW Mobile System is a vertical, movable growing system that minimizes wasted space both horizontally and vertically. The heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel shelving units slide along a carriage-and-rail system installed into the floor or another surface. This reduces  the number of aisleways that are open at any given time, while still allowing for easy access.

Additionally, the stacked shelving units allow for multiple levels of growing space. What does that mean for your commercial cannabis operation? This unique mobile, vertical system empowers growers to increase their yields without expanding their commercial grow room square footage.

Boost Your Profits With Superior Grow Room Equipment

The GROW Mobile System is a complete solution that can be integrated with other new or existing commercial grow room equipment. Every vertical growing system is customized to your needs, and can be incorporated with your lighting, ventilation, and irrigation systems.

By expanding upwards and taking advantage of vertical space in your grow room, you can be certain that every plant will receive adequate light and airflow. And by eliminating wasted aisle space, you can grow more healthy plants in the exact same square footage.

Ready to grow your commercial cannabis operation? Contact Systems & Space for more information about our space-saving grow room equipment.


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