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Real estate is one of your most valuable assets, which is why it is essential to prioritize space management in your warehouse or distribution center. Optimizing your industrial storage area can help you cut down on unnecessary expenses, boost operational efficiency, and grow your revenue. Learn how mobile industrial racking can benefit your warehouse:

1. Maximize Your Existing Storage Capacity

As your operation grows, so do your storage needs. Tens of thousands of SKUs need a place to live—and better yet, they need a system that keeps them organized, secure, and accessible. High-density mobile shelving frees up valuable floor space by keeping just one aisleway open at any given time. The result? Eliminated wasted floor space originally occupied by aisles so you can store more SKUs in the same storage area.

2. Avoid Expensive Renovations

When a warehouse has seemingly reached its maximum storage capacity, it can feel like a lose-lose situation: invest in costly expansion projects, or scale back your number of SKUs (and lose out on the potential to earn more revenue). 

High-density mobile racking presents a third option: increase your storage capacity in the same footprint, so you can grow your revenue without expensive renovations. Set up your warehouse for future growth while accessing items more easily and delivering products faster.

3. Convenient Access to All SKUs

Organizing your products efficiently can be a challenge with traditional static shelving, especially for warehouses with a wide assortment of SKUs. With heavy-duty mobile shelving, your slow-moving SKUs can be stored securely in the back of the warehouse to free up space for faster-moving items. These slow-moving goods can still be easily accessed as soon as your team needs them, either with the push of a button or turn of a mechanical assist handle. 

4. Simplify MRO Storage

Maintenance, repair and operations supplies are critical to running a smooth operation. It’s also largely a shared responsibility: according to a survey of industrial employees, 50% of respondents said MRO was a part of their job, but only 15% said it was their main job.

Safety gear, tools, repair kits, cleaning supplies, and spare parts can quickly pile up and become disorganized, especially when multiple users are accessing the MRO supply area and no one is assigned the task of managing it. Centralized supply storage can reduce the risk of lost, duplicate, or damaged parts.

5. Easily Manage Heavy Loads

Heavy-duty mobile shelving can handle loads between 7,000 and 30,000 pounds. Parts that are bulky, heavy, or unusually sized can be easily accommodated; clients have used these industrial shelving systems for automobile parts, beer kegs, cold storage, military equipment, and other heavy-duty materials.

6. Prioritize Employee Safety

Industrial storage systems were designed with employee safety in mind. By clearing up clutter and keeping the warehouse floor tidy, you can reduce the risk of accidents like slips and falls. Mobile aisleways can be opened and accessed by turning a mechanical-assist handle, which can accommodate up to 7,000 pounds. ActivRAC® 7P offers the option of powered aisles.

Our mobile racking can be outfitted with safety systems designed to meet the needs of your industrial space. For instance, the Photo Sweep system uses an infrared light beam to sweep for obstructions close to the floor and stop the aisle from closing.

7. Customizable to Meet Your Needs

No two warehouses have the same needs, which is why all of our Spacesaver industrial storage systems can be tailored to your unique preferences. Your existing shelving units can be converted into a mobile system, or we can help you design an entirely new storage system. Customize the number of shelving units, style, layout, modes of operation, safety features, and other add-ons.

Interested in learning more about how industrial storage systems can benefit your warehouse or distribution center? Contact Systems & Space today.


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