Secure Lockers (Police and Military)

Police officers and military personnel do not need added stress through out the day. Secure locker storage can make for a better work environment. See our innovative lockers to help your team’s morale.

Police officers and military personnel have a tough job. Not having a secure place for personal belongings and gear shouldn’t add to their daily stress.

We’ve partnered with Spacesaver to offer secure lockers that go above and beyond storage. Engineered with the military, public safety, and a variety of other industries in mind, our infinitely configurable and customizable lockers meet three different storage needs.

Take a look at our three locker offerings for police, the military and more: Personal Storage Lockers, Gear Lockers, and Evidence Lockers.



Keeping personal belongings safe and secure—uniforms, vests, boots, and other items.

Gear Storage

Maintaining quick and easy access to equipment and supplies used by teams or multiple people.

High-Security Assets

Offering communications equipment and other sensitive assets additional security.
FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers

Personal Storage Lockers

When they’re in the field, officers are aware of their gear at all times—but where does that go after their shift?

Well, we’ve seen it all. Some officers keep gear at their homes or in their vehicles because there just isn’t space at the department’s headquarters to keep it anywhere else.

Spacesaver’s FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers provide a way to securely store equipment, uniforms, weapons, and other items. With the ability to add options such as locked compartments, air ventilation, drawers for boot and body armor storage, electrical integration, and benches for sitting space, these lockers allow for ultimate customization to meet the needs of everyone in your department.


  • Ability to reconfigure on-site
  • Strong, durable doors, constructed with welded box construction
  • Integral garment hanger
  • Integrated peg board holes to hang items
  • Electrical ready— add outlets to lockers at any time
  • Locked compartments for small personal items
  • Air ventilation and electrical integration options
  • Drawers for boots and body armor storage
  • Benches and seating integration with lockers

Personal Storage Lockers in Use

Twin Cities Police Department, Marin County

In trying to create an updated, comfortable space for their expanding team of officers, Marin County’s Twin Cities Police Department came to us with a challenge—to fit just under 80 lockers into the existing footprint of their Men’s and Women’s locker rooms. By changing the depth of the lockers and evaluating the layout of both rooms, we were able to fit 78 lockers into the two spaces, each with electrical integration. 60 of these were lockers with double doors for easy access, and two in each room were ADA compliant.

Secure Lockers and Personal Storage Lockers

Gear Lockers

Having a secure and accessible gear locker is a necessity to the military and law enforcement agencies with their crucial daily demands. The versatile Tactical Readiness Locker by Spacesaver® gives you the flexibility you need for the quickest deployment of your gear.


  • Corner gussets for added rigidity
  • User interchangeable parts
  • Double-wall welded doors
  • Diamond perforated mesh doors
  • Stainless steel lock plate
  • Three lock types
Secure Lockers for Military Gear Storage
Secure Evidence Storage Locker

Evidence Lockers

For all law enforcement agencies, employing best practices for evidence storage means being able to track evidence from the moment it’s collected at a crime scene to the moment it needs to be retrieved or destroyed.

We offer the most secure evidence lockers on the market, allowing officers the ability to deposit any type of evidence day or night in a secure environment. For more information about our short-term and refrigerated evidence locker solutions, head to our Evidence Locker page.

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To see how our lockers have been utilized in actual police departments, check out our Law Enforcement Market.

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