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There’s No “I” in TEAM


There is no “I” in TEAM. That’s a well-known fact. However, there is something to say about a company where a whopping 58% of its employees have been a part of the team for a decade or more. As for the remaining 42% percent? Those newer employees have contributed to the steady and consistent growth of Systems & Space over the years, allowing us to expand our reach and improve as a company.

Each and every person brings their own unique strengths to the Systems & Space team. From a project’s early planning stages to its successful final reveal, every member plays a vital role in the project’s eventual success. Our planners work diligently with our clients, listening to their concerns and guiding them towards creative solutions for their individual needs. Meanwhile, the inner office staff puts the gears in motion by calculating and managing every miniscule detail to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. And last – but certainly not least – our hardworking installers tie it all together. They start their days early in the morning and travel substantial distances to transform an idea into a reality.

All departments bring their own strengths and skills to the table, and are integral to System & Space’s success. That said, the installation team deserves a special round of applause. Many of our installers have been with us for over 10 years, and each one shows an outstanding dedication to their position and to our clients. In a perfect world, every opportunity would run smoothly from start to finish. In reality, complications can happen…even under the most ideal conditions. Fortunately, this is where our installers shine the brightest. Between keeping track of multiple shipments, maintaining organization of our warehouse, staying on top of changes in the field, carrying thousands of pounds of product up multiple flights of stairs in buildings with no elevators, and modifying upright heights to accommodate an overlooked vent, they apply creative solutions without hesitation in order to complete the project on time – if not sooner.

Many thanks to our wonderful and hard-working team of installers: Marc Hove, Edgar Perez, Alex Espinosa, Miguel Hernandez, Carlos Valero, Mario Valero, Fred Clement, Jonathan Estrada, Herminio Espinoza and Cristian Estrada. There may be no “I” in team…but when it comes to the Systems & Space installer team, there is an abundance of talent, hard work, and dedication to your craft! We appreciate your many years of service!


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