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Storing Guns Safely in California

In California, it is mandatory for companies and other organizations to store firearms safely. After all, if those weapons fall into the wrong hands or are stored haphazardly, the consequences could be devastating.

Your organization must take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents, prevent theft, and ensure unauthorized individuals can not easily access your weapons. By taking the time to secure your guns properly, you can help keep your employees and others safe.

One of the most important decisions your organization will make is choosing a gun storage solution that is safe and secure. However, figuring out which options best fit your needs can be challenging.

Here, we provide insight into the process of choosing a storage solution that will keep your arsenal highly protected.

Finding the Right Storage Solution for You

The first step in your process should be evaluating your organization’s wants and needs regarding gun storage. How many weapons do you store on location? Are there a variety of weapons in all shapes and sizes? How many people will need access to these weapons at any given time?

Your next step should be researching storage solution experts in your area.

At SSI, we have been proudly providing storage units to military bases and police departments in California for over 30 years. We partner with Spacesaver to offer the highest-quality mobile firearm units on the market today, which provide maximum security for your weapons. We have a variety of storage solutions to choose from, so you can find the perfect option for your needs.

Our storage solutions offer:

  • Safety: Whether it’s a gun locker or a heavy-duty weapons rack, our storage units are constructed with durable materials and offer steady support systems to prevent firearm movement or dislodgment.
  • Accessibility: We feature a variety of weapons racks, which can be mounted on walls or standalone. Swing doors or leveled shelving provide for easy access in matters of urgency.
  • Versatility: Our solutions accommodate weapons of various lengths and types and allow for adjustable shelving and barrel rests.
  • Scalability: Our wide variety of storage configurations are selected to meet your needs and perfectly fit your unique space.

SSI Customizes to Fit Your Needs

We’re in the business of helping organizations find their storage solution. That’s why we work with you to understand what you need. Our design consultants work one-on-one with your organization to specifically address your inventory, safety requirements, workplace environment, and physical space.

To see our team’s process, check out our recent gun storage solution to the new San Francisco Police Department headquarters.

If you are interested in learning more or want to see how SSI can assist your organization in finding the best gun storage unit to fit your needs, please contact us today


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