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As a hotel or resort manager, providing a positive and memorable guest experience is a vital part of building your brand’s reputation. Check-ins should be smooth and painless, service should be personalized and friendly, and the space should be comfortable and inviting.

But what’s the key to creating a flawless guest experience? Organization!

Your hotel or resort should run like a well-oiled machine, and that means organizing and syncing up multiple moving pieces. It also means being prepared for all types of situations and issues that could arise at any moment.

Does a guest needs an extra cot for their room? Does one of the chafing dishes in the dining room need to be replaced? Does a new employee need a uniform ASAP? These are all situations your establishment should be prepared to handle quickly and efficiently. Of course, being prepared often translates to needing a significant amount of “back-of-house” storage space for necessary supplies and equipment.

ActivRAC Mobilized Storage System: Maximize Your Back-of-House Storage

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC Mobilized Storage System can be used in a variety of back-of-house storage applications by mounting existing pallet racking or shelving onto mobile carriages that move along rails. In the simplest terms, this type of high-density mobile shelving is a way to store more in less space.

The ActivRAC mobile system allows you to securely and easily store bulky items like buffet tables and furniture, delicate decor and dishes, cleaning supplies, employee uniforms, small guest amenities, and more.

Benefits of this type of storage include:

  • More efficient use of storage space; store more items in less space
  • Faster turnaround, due to easier and quicker access to stored items
  • Protection of fragile or expensive items
  • Employee safety when accessing heavy or bulky items
  • Improved guest experience and employee morale

Case Study: Compact Storage for a Large Resort

Tulalip Resort Casino is the largest and most distinctive meeting, gaming, dining, entertainment, and shopping destination in Washington state. For years, Tulalip had been using traditional warehouse racking to store tables, decor, cleaning supplies, and other items, but the storage areas were cramped and ineffective.

“There were bins on top of other bins, tables stacked on tables, and more often than not, you had to move something to get to something else,” said General Manager Sam Askew.

Askew contacted a local Spacesaver affiliate to help redesign Tulalip’s back-of-house storage. Today, the resort uses 5 ActivRAC systems in various areas around its property:

  1. Banquet Storage Area: Tables, décor, chafing dishes, linens, and more
  2. Wardrobe Room: New uniforms
  3. Laundry Room: Laundry supplies
  4. Bulk Supplies Area: Cleaning supplies, bulk storage for pick station items
  5. Corridor near Food Service: Serving bowls and trays

The first ActivRAC installation freed up enough storage space that Tulalip was able to purchase serpentine tables and other items that enhance the guest experience as well as the property’s revenue stream.

“So many properties forego storage space for guest features up front. But back of the house impacts our guests just as much as new carpets or sofas in the lobby,” said Askew. In the end, the property was able to triple its storage capacity without building any additions, and while boosting their profitability in the process.

Wondering if ActivRAC is the right storage system for your hotel or resort? We’d be happy to discuss your unique situation and provide a quote. Contact us today!


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