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Storage Solved for a California Jail Facility

When building a new jail or other public safety facility, choosing materials that are both secure and sustainable is vital.

Recently, we installed Spacesaver’s Wide Span Shelving, Universal Weapons Racks, and flush mounted Handgun Lockers in a newly constructed Northern California jail. This client selected these products based on their security, customization, and ease of use.

Specialized Planning for Jail Facilities

Systems & Space sales planners take the time to understand your facility’s unique workflow. This knowledge allows them to identify areas where space can be maximized, while also creating the highest level of security. From there, we can hand select specialized Spacesaver products that will fit into your space and enhance your workflow.

Designing for Success

Wide Span Shelving with wire mesh decking aids in the organization of large bulky items, while providing ample airflow. Adjustable shelves allow users to customize the shelf heights to accommodate the various items being stored.

Wall Mounted Handgun Lockers are available in 8 different door configurations, and can be installed as surface mounted or recessed into the wall. Here, the end user has chosen a 4 door recessed gun locker for their sally port with keyed access.

Universal Weapons Racks resist movement from vibrations, shock and abrasion. They also accommodate weapons of various lengths, shapes and sizes. Here, the end user customized their Universal Weapons Racks with cubbies for storing tasers, as well as support rails equipped with barrel supports for storing rifles and pistols.

Universal Weapons Rack

Thanks to careful planning, this new Northern California jail facility was armed with optimal workflow and security in time for its grand opening. Special thanks to Matt Meyer, who was the Sales Planner for this project.

Does your jail or other public safety facility suffer from poor use of space or less than ideal security? Contact Systems & Space for a free site assessment today! Give us a call at (925)-426-1955.
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