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Storage Solutions for Museum Collections

For museum curators, protecting your inventory of artifacts is the number one priority. Of course, that can become complicated when managing a large collection.

Systems & Space offers compact and efficient museum storage solutions that will maximize your storage capacity while ensuring the safety and integrity of your collection.

Art Racks & Cabinets

Mobile art racks are a secure, efficient, and versatile way to storage and display your museum’s paintings, photographs, and other two-dimensional art. Compared to traditional storage, each high-density rack can double the volume of artwork that is stored.


These art racks are available in two formats: ceiling mounted or floor mounted. While the ceiling mounted rack offers a low vibration trolley system and sway prevention, the floor mounted (or carriage mounted) option eliminates aisle space and compacts collections into a much smaller footprint. Systems & Space will help you determine the perfect fit for your collection and available storage space.

Custom storage cabinets are another viable option for museum collections. Featuring solvent-free, non-reactive baked polyester powder coating, these cabinets are approved and proven for museum use. Additionally, these airtight cabinets will maintain a constant level of humidity and temperature, while eliminating exposure to dust, insects, and other particles.

When space does become a factor, our compact museum shelving cabinets can be equipped with high-density mobile storage systems to further maximize storage space.

Viking Metal Cabinets

Protect the world’s history with Spacesaver Viking cabinets, designed with museums in mind. Your collection will stay safe from dust, water, and other damage, allowing the artifacts to be preserved for years to come. Additionally, all of our museum storage cabinets can be mounted on compact mobile shelving to make the most optimal use of available space.

We know that no two collections are the same, so we’ll help design a custom storage solution to fit your facility’s storage needs. This line of storage cabinets is extremely versatile, and comes in a range of customizable shapes, sizes, layouts, and finishes. They can be configured for any museum collection, including:

  • Geology – Equipped with rugged, heavy-gauge steel drawers to house any size collection.
  • Entomology – Choose from enclosed cabinets or open shelves, with the option for pull-out work shelves.
  • Botany – Preserve botanical collections and protect them from infestation, with an optional reference shelf for viewing specimens.
  • Archives – Capable of storing a number of large flat items, these museum storage cabinets have stainless steel tracks and plated rollers that eliminate contamination from flaking paint.

Choose from counter-height or full-height, each available in multiple sizes to house a wide variety of collections.

Contact Systems & Space today for more information about our museum collection storage solutions.


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