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Smart lockers are the latest tools in convenient and secure storage solutions. Traditional lockers fulfill many of the usual personal storage needs in workplaces as well as public settings like spas, university campuses and fitness centers, but they require significant logistical support. 

The lock-and-key system of traditional locker storage provides a lot of security, but very little flexibility – no key, no access. Smart lockers, on the other hand, offer just as much security against unwanted entry, but allow controlled access for multiple users or site managers based on pre-established conditions. These features mean that smart locker systems require significantly less oversight and logistical maintenance. No matter the use circumstances, you’ll never need a designated person behind a desk handing out keys.

Smart locker systems also add an additional layer of security in the form of documentation. Many keyless smart locker systems can track when individual lockers or groups of lockers are accessed, helping to create a paper trail for any mishandled items. Depending on the access system, you may also be able to easily identify who opened the locker and for how long. 

RFID Entry

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) entry relies on two components: the reader and the tag. In RFID smart lockers, an RFID reader is attached to the locking mechanism. When the tag is brought near the reader, the mechanism unlocks and the locker opens. RFID tags can be attached to clothing, embedded in wallet-sized cards, or placed on keyrings, with as many tags as necessary corresponding to the designated reader. This eliminates the need for spare keys and mitigates the risk of theft when individual keys are lost. 

It’s also easy to grant access to multiple storage locations through a single RFID tag and to remove access as needed, so administrators can make sure that users can open the lockers they need only when they need to.

Keypad Access

Keypad access allows users to open smart lockers using specific codes or their fingerprints. Alphanumeric codes can be specific to each storage locker or specific to each user, and are easy to change if they become compromised. The fingerprints of each user also can be granted access or have their permissions removed as needed for as long as they are in the system. 

Who Needs Smart Lockers?

Smart lockers are useful for any situation that requires privacy, security, and flexibility. Whether the storage system is protecting military-grade weapons, university textbooks or spare gym socks, smart locker systems can be customized to meet the needs of any space and user group.

In the Military

Military installations have complex physical and logistical systems with rapidly changing needs. Storage lockers might be used to secure weapons and other tools and equipment or the personal belongings of soldiers. In a military installation, smart lockers serve as a vital tool for enhanced security and efficient asset management. Integrating advanced security features like biometric authentication and access logs ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive equipment and classified documents, and that these resources can be accessed quickly when needed. With real-time monitoring and auditing capabilities, the lockers provide a centralized system for tracking assets, maintaining accountability and preventing theft.

On Campus

On a college campus, smart lockers allow secure and accessible storage of student belongings. With features such as electronic access control and individualized authentication methods, these lockers ensure that students can safely store their personal items including laptops and textbooks. The lockers provide a convenient and organized system for students to access their items when needed, reducing the risk of theft or misplacement. Lockers with multiple or shared access chips or codes also can allow students to safely and securely transfer items to one another, even when they are on different schedules. 

The benefits of smart lockers are undeniable: enhanced security, controlled access, efficient asset management and real-time monitoring. Contact SSI to learn more about how smart lockers can revolutionize your storage and asset management systems.


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