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Self-Service Package Lockers | Attract More Residents to Your Apartment Building

Self-service package lockers are keyless, secure, and allow apartment residents to pick up their packages at any time – even outside office hours.


Attract Residents with Self-Service Package Lockers in Your Apartment Building

These days, it seems as if new apartment buildings are popping up on every corner of every city across the nation. For landlords and property managers, that means the market is becoming increasingly competitive.


Luxurious pools, in-unit washers and dryers, fitness centers, community events, dog washing stations – these are a just a handful of the amenities that apartment owners are implementing to attract residents to their properties.


But there’s one innovative feature that’s only just now beginning to catch on among apartment complexes, and that’s self-service package lockers.

A Glimpse at the Current Parcel Delivery Process

When it comes to package deliveries, every property manager knows the drill. The mail carrier brings the package to the resident office, and the office staff members are responsible for signing for it, storing it, and handing it off to the resident when they come in to pick it up.


While the current process does get the job done, it’s certainly far from perfect. Apartment managers and employees have a lot on their plate, from overseeing resident move ins and move outs to collecting rent and following up on resident questions and complaints. Yet they can end up spending valuable hours of work time receiving and managing resident packages.


Additionally, apartment resident offices usually don’t have abundant free space, so it’s easy for the incoming packages to pile up and overcrowd the space. This disorganization puts parcels at a greater risk of becoming damaged or misplaced.


Picking up packages can be a major headache for apartment residents, too. Many residents are working professionals who may not be home during the apartment’s limited office hours, leaving them unable to pick up their parcels in a timely manner. For residents who paid for fast shipping or are eager to receive their items, this can be a source of major frustration.


The Benefits of Self-Service Package Lockers

With self-service package lockers like BeCode Express, ALL of these common problems can be eliminated. They’re secure, simple to use, and allow residents to retrieve their own packages. In other words, they allow the parcel delivery process to become fully automated and hassle-free.


Wondering how it all works? When the mail carrier arrives at the parcel delivery station in your apartment building, they select an appropriately sized locker based on the size of the package, and place the parcel inside. With the push of a button, they generate a random one-time use code. This code, along with the locker number and location, is automatically sent by email or SMS to the resident.


The resident it then able to visit the locker and pick up their package at their own convenience, without worrying about limited office hours. Meanwhile, office employees are completely taken out of the package delivery equation, giving them more time to work on more pressing matters. Self-service package lockers also prevent the package from being lost, stolen, or damaged before the resident has the chance to retrieve it. And because the locks are operated wirelessly, cumbersome management via a central terminal is eliminated.


If you’re looking to attract more residents to your apartment building, offer them an amenity that they didn’t even know they needed, but one they’ll soon be unable to live without. Learn more about how our self-service package lockers can benefit your apartment building by contacting us or requesting a quote.


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