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From elementary school to high school, the library is one of the fundamental learning centers at any educational institution. Increasingly, this space is more than just a place to store and loan books; it serves as the anchor for the school community.

Students use their school libraries to read, study, collaborate, complete assignments, browse the internet, and even relax during free time. To accommodate everything and better serve the needs of students, school libraries have to get creative with space.

Public school administrators are tasked with the challenge of making their learning spaces as innovative and rewarding for students as possible, while operating under tight budgetary restrictions from the school district. When space is limited, overcoming this obstacle can feel insurmountable.

How can school libraries reconfigure their spaces to meet the needs of modern student populations without breaking the bank?


Spacesaver Cantilever Library Shelving is the ideal solution for public school library storage due to its comprehensive and customizable range of options and accessories. This shelving system accommodates a diverse array of media formats and can be conveniently reconfigured or relocated at any point in time.

Cantilever shelving can be customized to match any library design style. For instance, shelving integrated with plywood creates a bright, modern appearance that helps the library feel inviting, spacious, and airy. Plywood also offers the benefit of being a highly affordable material that fits within even the tightest school district budgets.


With Spacesaver Cantilever Library Shelving, the layout and design possibilities are endless. Store a wide range of media formats, from heavy textbooks and picture books to DVDs and magazines. The shelving systems can be arranged to make room for growing collections or to accommodate more collaboration workspaces, reading nooks, or digital media labs.

Building out these interactive on-campus spaces is essential to student engagement and achievement. Organized, well-stocked libraries empower students to use the learning spaces available to them for studying, completing assignments, and collaborating in groups. At the elementary level, well-designed libraries can facilitate educational programs and activities.

There are many factors that must be considered when changing the layout of a school library or installing new library shelving. Spacesaver is one of the most trusted names in the industry, and has served as the shelving system of choice for hundreds of public schools, universities, and communities. The end result is a versatile and visually appealing shelving system at an affordable price.

Is your public school’s library shelving system outdated or disorganized? A contemporary shelving system from Spacesaver can help transform and refresh your school library. Contact us for more information.


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